Adrian Portelli baby: Block’s ‘Lambo guy’ welcomes baby boy

Block star and billionaire Adrian Portelli has welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend.

Mr Portelli – who earned the nickname ‘Lambo guy’ for his love of luxury vehicles – announced the birth of his son in a post on Instagram on Wednesday.

“Welcome to the world little man,” he captioned a series of photos of him holding the newborn.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, the 34-year-old revealed his partner Karlie Butler gave birth to their son, whose name is yet to be revealed, on Monday.

“He was four days over … it’s an amazing, overwhelming experience,’’ Mr Portelli told the publication.

Mr Portelli, who purchased three houses on this year’s The Block, made headlines in November after revealing he gifted Ms Butler an Aston Martin as a “push present” before she gave birth to their son.

Mr Portelli said the luxurious car was “well deserved for putting up with me”.

He also gave his 262,000 followers a glimpse inside the couple’s lavish baby shower.

Influencer Updates AU speculated the white car, which came complete with “heritage licence plates”, would cost upwards of $360,000.

“Adrian Portelli got his pregnant girlfriend Karlie Butler an Aston Martin for a push present, the base model starts at $357,000,” the watchdog account shared.

“Heritage plates sell for at least $50,000.

“The baby shower looks so extra.”

Mr Portelli is worth a reported $ 1billion and is known for his eye-watering spending.

A university dropout, he initially worked at his father’s truck repair business before striking riches in Los Angeles working in tech start ups. He teamed up with his tech-savvy flatmate while in the US to develop several successful apps, which they then sold at enormous profits.

He now runs various online raffles and promotions on his online platform LCMT+, where punters can pay for the chance to win big prizes.

During last year season of The Block in Victoria’s East Hampton, the billionaire businessman snapped up three of the five houses on offer, spending a total of $12.4 million.

Mr Portelli had earlier found himself at the centre of controversy after he offered a fully furnished Block home, purchased in 2022, in a giveaway through his company LMCT+ and became locked in a public feud with the couple who won the home.

The house came fully furnished, but the couple accused Mr Portelli of removing $100,000 worth of items from the property, despite the business man insisting the items that were taken were not included in the terms and conditions of the prize.

Mr Portelli later ran a $1 raffle for all the items that were removed from the house.