Alyssa Healy roasts Mitchell Starc in ‘lovely’ live TV lovers tiff

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Australia may have been blown off the park by South Africa in the second women’s ODI on Wednesday night, but Alyssa Healy and Mitchell Starc have once again won over the fans.

Healy and Starc are Australian cricket’s first couple with the Aussie women’s wicketkeeper/batter and now captain and the Aussie men’s quick having married in 2016 after growing up with each other.

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The pair famously first met as nine-year-olds, playing against each other in the Northern District Junior Cricket Association.

Famously low-key, the pair have often shown a willingness to playfully tease each other when on camera — which was once again on display on Wednesday.

With Healy leading the Aussies and Starc in the Channel 7 commentary booth at the change of innings when Healy was interviewed on live TV after South Africa tallied 6/229.

Starc was trying to remain professional while interviewing his wife in what must have been a bizarre situation.

“So the length of the opening pair there, in (Megan) Schutt and Kimmy Garth, do you reckon they could have bowled a fraction fuller with the help off the wicket?” Starc asked. “You got the catchers there for Garth. But, you know, it was holding length and she bowled, really disciplined lines and lengths, but maybe a fraction fuller to get in those edges?”

But Healy couldn’t help but take a dig at her husband, with a cheeky smile coming across her faces as she answered.

“I think if we’re being highly critical, as you’re suggesting, then yes, potentially,” Healy replied as Starc threw his hands up in the air.

“Kimmy Garth could have come maybe a fraction fuller, but that is the natural length that she likes to hit. And that’s her role within our team as well, to get the ball moving and keep it tight down that end as well.

“I think Schutt’s length was pretty natural as well.

“So yes, if we’re being ultracritical, maybe. But in saying that, I think they did a great job to hold as well.”

Starc said: “Critical of the bowling or critical of the commentary… I dunno.”

Emma Freedman then asked: “Is this what conversation is like on the couch?”

Healy immediately shook her head as Starc laughed: “It’s why we don’t talk cricket.”

Fans were loving the hilarious banter between the pair.

“The delightful banter between Mitchell Starc and Alyssa Healy is truly heartwarming,” one wrote.

Another added it was “So cute and overwhelming”.

It’s just the latest in a long history of “couples goals” moments from the pair.

The pair are keen golfers and play off for the “Stealy Cup” in an annual tradition.

Speaking on the Separate Bedrooms podcast late last year, Healy revealed a time she was left feeling betrayed by Starc — when he watched an episode of Billion without her.

“We started watching Billions or something like that together. And we were like, Oh, we’re at home. Let’s watch it together. This will be great,” Healy told the Separate Bedrooms podcast.

“Anyway, I went out, I reckon I went to hockey training or something and came home and there’s Mitch on the couch watching it without me. And I’ve never felt so betrayed in my life. I think I literally said I wished that I walked in and there was another woman here because I actually think this is so much worse.”

However, winning over fans was as close as they Aussies got to a W after they were belted by 84 runs.

Chasing 234 thanks to the rain affected first innings, it could have been a much bigger loss after slumping to 8/71.

But a world record ninth wicket stand of 77 between Ash Gardner (35) and Kim Garth (42) saved a complete wipe-out for the Aussies.

For South Africa, Marianne Kapp was incredible, hitting 75 off 87 with the bat and taking 3/12 off five overs with the ball.