Amir Jahan: Ray White Parramatta real estate agent’s property listing videos divide the internet with one viral tactic

A Western Sydney real estate agent has caused a stir online by using flashy luxury vehicles to get his houses under the hammer.

Ray White Parramatta “Asset Manager and Sales Executive” Amir Jahan, 25, has racked up thousands of views and comments on his Instagram with property listing videos featuring Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis worth more than the listing itself.

“It’s gettin crazy man,” Mr Amir said in response to the social media frenzy.

“I started the sale process about five months ago and my goal from the day I started was that I wanted to do stuff in a different way.

“Nine out of ten people love cars and so I start the video with the car and then the property to get (the listing) promoted,” he said.

Mr Amir said he has regularly sold properties through social media thanks to his unique approach, but quickly addressed concerns about the price tag that comes with his expensive marketing tactics.

“Most of the cars are from my friends and the companies that I used to speak with and got to know through social media,” he said.

“With most of the properties I give the vendors free marketing, I didn’t charge them and I cover the full cost. When the vendor puts their full trust in you and pays you the commission you have to get them the best result.

“I only charge to advertise the listing on and Domain, I pay for the cars and the cameras.”

In his day-to-day work Mr Amir does not shy away from showing off his regular work vehicle, a Ray White Lexus, and confessed he has only paid out-of-pocket for two luxury cars during his time in the business.

The McLaren ‘Ninja’ 720S and Rolls Royce ‘Phantom’ cost Mr Amir $800 each to rent for the video shooting, with the McLaren retail price starting at about $300,000 and the Rolls Royce Python price set at roughly $1 million.

“McLarens are my favourite car and I always wanted to drive a McLaren, but when I started property videos I couldn’t find one for first four months,” he said.

“There are a lot of agents, I don’t want to name them, but they used to do normal property videos and now they are copying the same thing with the cars.”

However, the Paramatta real estate agent’s social media success has not come without controversy despite the notion that all publicity is good publicity.

Mr Amir’s videos regularly rack up comments criticising his luxury style as “tone deaf,” “douchey,” and a “weird flex”.

His latest clip advertising the listing of a modest three-bedroom house in Parramatta was widely mocked after being picked up on Reddit.

“This could win tropfest. It’s brilliant satire. It’s satire right? Right?,” wrote one critic.

“Do they not realise how poor taste it is to flaunt expensive cars like this … as a real eastate agent?” added another.

“He’s probably put more effort into hiring the Rolls and having someone edit the video than actually staging that townhouse,” wrote a third.

Mr Amir said he was unbothered by the negative attention.

“Ah look, whatever you do in this life you will get the negative comments but the main goal is to promote the property and show it to the world,” he said.

“There is nothing you can do that will make everyone happy and there will always be negative and positive comments on my videos. To be honest I get a lot of negative comments and in our language ‘hating on them’ but I would do it all again,” Mr Amir said.

“The result – to make the vendor and the buyer happy – that’s the most important thing.

“If I had to answer all those (hate) comments in one word, I would say they motivate me.”

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