Audio emerges of Jacob Elordi’s alleged run-in with KIIS FM staffer Joshua Fox

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Fresh details have surfaced in the wake of Hollywood star Jacob Elordi’s alleged scuffle with a radio employee in Sydney over the weekend.

Brisbane-born Elordi, 26 – who is currently one of the most in-demand young stars in showbiz after performances in Saltburn, Euphoria and Priscilla – is accused of assaultingKyle and Jackie O staffer, Joshua Fox, at an Eastern Suburbs pub on Saturday, sparking a police investigation.

Neither Elordi or Fox has publicly commented on the incident, but audio from the alleged altercation was played during Monday morning’s episode of the KIIS FM breakfast show.

In the clip, Fox, 32, is heard approaching Elordi, admitting it was “really random” and holding out an empty jar, before requesting he fill it with his bathwater and “send it to the studio” for Jackie O. He claimed it was for her birthday as she is “a huge fan” of Saltburn, which features a controversial scene involving a character drinking Elordi’s used bathwater.

“You’re kidding,” Elordi responds, before asking, “Are you filming?”

Fox then confirms he is, prompting the actor to plead: “Can you not man, please?”

According to the radio show’s executive producer, one of Elordi’s companions then forced Fox to delete the video – but he had later recovered it.

Fox, who did not sustain any injuries in the alleged bust-up, filed a report at Waverley Police Station but refused to give a formal statement.

“Inquiries into the incident are continuing,” police said in a statement, confirming no charges had been laid.

Entertainment reporter Peter Ford also addressed the story on Seven’s Sunrise on Monday, claiming Fox, 32, had been sent to the location “on assignment”.

“Jacob was in a private situation in a pub with friends when he was … approached by a digital producer of Kyle and Jackie O’s show,” Ford alleged.

“He was there on assignment. It wasn’t a chance meeting. When you send someone like Joshua out to do a job they have to come back with something, they are under pressure to get something – he was already filming when he approached Jacob, he didn’t introduce himself.”

Ford added that Elordi was “clearly upset that the filming had already commenced, I don’t think he liked the question either … So it was a problem as to the way it was handled.”

The journalist then pointed out the incident could potentially have wider employment complications for the US-based actor if charges are laid.

“This could have massive implications for him in terms of his working visas in the United States,” Ford explained.

“Jacob is at the moment the most talked about hot, young star in the world so he can’t afford to have anything go wrong.”

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