Australian Survivor contestants busted in ‘very naughty sandwich’

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Two contestants on the new season of Australian Survivor engaged in what one of their tribemates described as a “very naughty sandwich” on their very first night in the game.

But it might make for awkward viewing for at least one slice of that sandwich, who appears to be happily partnered up with a long-term girlfriend.

The scenes played out during Monday’s season premiere, as Rebels tribe member Feras reflected on his “absolutely horrible” first night’s sleep at camp.

He complained that after just one night, a lack of comfortable sleep was feeling like a much bigger challenge than hunger during Survivor.

“The worst night ever … probably got around 30 minutes of sleep,” he said, as cameras showed various members of the tribe huddling together for warmth during the night.

Among the mass huddle, Feras claimed that two contestants, maths teacher Alex Coe and bar manager Peta Bennett, were having a “very naughty sandwich.”
Cameras showed the pair wrapped in a tight embrace, Bennett’s leg curled around Coe’s body.

“It was very, very comfortable for a first day sandwich,” Feras said of their night-one cuddles. “The first sandwich is always quite an innocent sandwich … this sandwich wasn’t very innocent.”

Feras’ claims might have left his tribemate with some explaining to do once the episode aired: A quick snoop of Alex’s Instagram reveals that he’s very much in a relationship, his feed full of loved-up content of him travelling the world with a photographer and influencer named Mae Rutten. One July 2023 post from Mae marked the couple’s one-year anniversary, one month before Alex went off to film Survivor.

Later on in Monday’s premiere, salon owner Frankie was served the hand no Survivor contestant wants: Her tribe turned on her and made her the first contestant to exit the show this season.

“Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I got a bit blindsided there,” she confessed after her elimination.
“I guess I may have rubbed some people the wrong way … but I do think they made a mistake.”

Australian Survivor continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Ten.