Call for Triple J’s Hottest 100 to only include Australian artists

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Aussies are calling on Triple J to make a major change to the Hottest 100, after this year’s countdown sparked major controversy among listeners.

The annual music countdown was held on January 27, with the radio station playing the best 100 songs from 2023 as voted by the public.

The Hottest 100 is always a highly anticipated event among Australians, with people hosting parties across the country purely to listen to the countdown.

However, listeners were left less than impressed this year when American rapper Doja Cat took out the top spot with her hit song Paint The Town Red.

Despite being a “history-making” win, with Doja both the first female rapper and the first woman of colour to be crowned the winner of the countdown, Aussies were furious.

“It’s sad that triple j even plays artists like this. There’s not much separating triple j from commercial radio now,” one person said.

“Another absolute flop of a countdown. The music on there now is garbage,” another social media user said.

Others claimed too many of the songs included in the countdown were “mainstream” and slammed it as “disappointing”, while some even went as far as to brand it as the “worst countdown of all time”.

“The countdown gets worse every year,” another said.

Aussies are so fed up with the increasing number of major international artists making the Hottest 100 that many are calling for Triple J to only include local artists in the countdown.

People pointed out that major American artists like Doja Cat likely don’t even care or realise if they make the countdown list, whereas Aussie artists are more likely to appreciate the recognition.

According to Triple J, just over half of the songs were from Australian artists, with 30 being from the US and 24 coming from England.

Melbourne singer G Flip took out second spot on the countdown with their song The Worst Person Alive, while Aussie DJ Dom Dolla came in at number three with his track Saving Up.

Videos were shared of both artists and their overjoyed reactions, with the two also sharing messages of appreciation to everyone who voted.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart all of you that voted and got behind me. The hottest 100 countdown has always been one of my favourite days of the year, since I was little I was glued to the radio listening,” G Flip wrote in a post after waking up at 6am in London to listen to the countdown.

“This is beyond my wildest dreams.”

Dom Dolla told Triple J he was “left absolutely speechless” by his inclusion in the Hottest 100, revealing he had grown up listening to the countdown every year.

Social media users were quick to point out the difference in reactions from the Aussie artists compared to the likes of Doja Cat, who is yet to make any public reference to her win.

“The most disappointing part of this is how Doja Cat couldn’t give an F about this but it meant soo much to Gflip,” one person said.

“They have worked bloody hard this year and are so deserving of a #1 spot of it would have had meaning. I know it’s public vote but Aussie support means so much in these things.”

TikToker Gemma Bezzina called for a petition to be created for the Hottest 100 to only include Aussie artists, revealing she was “sick of when non-Australian artists win and they literally couldn’t give a sh*t.”

“Like, Doja Cat just won, she probably doesn’t even care. She probably doesn’t even know what the Hottest 100 is.”

She claimed Australians were more appreciative of making the list, while the majority of artists from other countries “don’t care” and therefore “shouldn’t even have the privilege of being in it.”

Some listeners have even gone as far as to actually start petitions to have the change made.

One petition is calling for “justice for all our Aussies out there”.

“We love the triple J hottest 100, but how many times has your favourite artist been ROBBED by an American artist in the hottest 100? TIME TO MAKE IT AUSSIE ARTISTS ONLY!!” the description reads.

Another petition claims it is “wrong” to let international artists enter the competition.

“Triple J has been a national treasure for decades supporting Australian artists and bands. The Triple J Hottest 100 countdown is an iconic day in Australian music history and I think it’s wrong that they let international artists enter the competition as it strips us from our Australian music culture,” it reads.

“Help a mate out and sign this petition for triple J’s hottest 100 to be strictly Australian music from now on.”

If you want to decide for yourself whether this year’s Hottest 100 was up to scratch, here is a rundown of all the songs that made the list.

Hottest 100 songs of 2023

1: Paint The Town Red – Doja Cat

2: The Worst Person Alive- G-Flip

3: Saving Up – Dom Dolla

4: Rhyme Dust – MK & Dom Dolla

5: Prada- cassö x RAYE x D-Block Europe

6: adore u – Fred again.. & Obongjayar

7: What Was I Made For – Billie Eilish

8: Rush – Troye Sivan

9: Lovin On Me – Jack Harlow

10: Chemical – Post Malone

11: Vampire – Olivia Rodrigo

12: Rumble – Flowdan, Fred Again, and Skrillex

13: Kill Bill – SZA

14: Atmosphere – FISHER x Kita Alexander

15: (It Goes Like) Nanana – Peggy Gou

16: Sprinter – Dave & Central Cee

17: Back On 74 – Jungle

18: Eat Your Man – Dom Dolla & Nelly Furtado

19: Therapy – Budjerah

20: Sorry Instead – Spacey Jane

21: Greedy – Tate McRae

22: Be Your Man – G Flip

23: Take It Off – FISHER x Aatig

24: Good Enough – G Flip

25: Rich Baby Daddy [Ft. Sexyy Red/SZA] – Drake

26: Rough – G Flip

27: Imposter Syndrome – Lime Cordiale

28: Dance The Night – Dua Lipa

29: Say Yes to Heaven – Lana Del Rey

30: Not Strong Enough – Boygenius

31: One of Your Girls – Troye Sivan

32: Bad Idea Right? – Olivia Rodrigo

33: Got Me Started – Troye Sivan

34: Get Him Back! – Olivia Rodrigo

35: Baby Again. – Fred Again, Skrillex and Four Tet

36: Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress and Ice Spice

37: Laced Up – Hilltop Hoods

38: Minivan – The Rions

39: Green Honda – Benee

40: Scary Movies – The Rions

41: Houdini – Dua Lipa

42: Pedestal – Lime Cordiale

43: Popular – The Weeknd, Playboi Carti and Madonna

44: My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

45: Still Have Room – Hockey Dad

46: Strangers – Kenya Grace

47: Sweetheart – Old Mervs

48: Padam Padam – Kylie Minogue

49: Agora Hills – Doja Cat

50: Australia – G Flip

51: Ten – Fred Again and Jozzy

52: I Used to Be Fun – Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

53: Lookin’ Out – King Stingray

54: More Than You Know – Blink-182

55: We Don’t Talk About It – Thelma Plum

56: All-American Bitch – Olivia Rodrigo

57: Darkside – Bring Me the Horizon

58: Lost – Bring Me the Horizon

59: Spin Me Like Your Records – Pacific Avenue

60: A&W – Lana Del Rey

61: Love Again – The Kid Laroi

62: Dogtooth – Tyler, the Creator

63: Perfect for You- Peach PRC

64: Fall at Your Feet (Like a Version) – Peking Duk featuring Julia Stone

65: Real Life – G Flip

66: Barbie World – Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice and Aqua

67: Letting Go – Angie McMahon

68: F U Goodbye – Peach PRC

69: Leaving the Light – Genesis Owusu

70: Snooze – SZA

71: Take What You Want – The Rions

72: Stockholm – Dice

73: Water – Tyla

74: Speedracer – Teenage Dad

75: Nobody Gets Me – SZA

76: Sofa King – Royel Otis

77: I Don’t Wanna Be Like You – Ruel

78: Bleed – The Kid Laroi

79: Video Killed the Radio Star (Like a Version) – Teenage Dads

80: 7 Days – G Flip

81: Like a Girl Does – Peach PRC

82: Exes – Tate McRae

83: The Summoning – Sleep Token

84: Trippin UpThe Jungle – Giants

85: Glue Song – Beabadoobee

86: Never Felt So Alone – Labrinth

87: Fine Day Anthem – Skrillex and Boys Noize

88: Midnight Driving – Teenage Dad

89: Nothing Matters – The Last Dinner Party

90: Nightmare – Polaris

91: Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd – Lana Del Rey

92: Strawberry Daydream – Pacific Avenue

93: No Bad Days – The Terrys

94: Sweat You Out My System – May-a

95: Welcome to the DCC – Nothing but Thieves

96: Boys Light Up – Chillinit

97: Stay Blessed – Genesis Owusu

98: Cool About It – Boygenius

99: I Miss You (Like a Version) – Slowly Slowly

100: Lost the Breakup – Maisie Peters