Cameron Brodie-Hall trial reveals secret neo-Nazi telephone calls

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In a series of secret telephone calls, the alleged leader of South Australia’s neo-Nazi movement boasted about watching the hit TV show Married At First Sight while on remand and alleged his “dog c**t” flatmate “squealed” to the police and had sexual intercourse with his girlfriend after he was arrested.

The phone calls were revealed on the third day of Cameron Brodie-Hall’s trial at Adelaide District Court. Mr Brodie-Hall is charged with possessing extremist material and material that could be of practical use for a terrorist act.

In the calls, which were played in court, Mr Brodie-Hall expresses pride in his Nazi ideology, signing off one call with a National Socialist Network follower with the words “blood and honour”, a catchphrase for neo-Nazis.

Mr Brodie-Hall also tells his fellow fascist he will not give up names to the police because it would be “dishonourable”.

“Just tell the boys I love them, I’m doing all right,” Mr Cameron Brodie-Hall said.

He also boasts about the support of his family, his “non-political friends” and how he had secured enough money together for the “best lawyer” in Adelaide.

“I got like the most expensive one in Adelaide,” he said.

Defence lawyer Craig Caldicott is appearing for Mr Brodie-Hall.

Mr Brodie-Hall, the alleged leader of the SA Men’s Health Club, a front group for the fascist National Socialist Network, is contesting the charges against him.

AFP Joint Counter Terrorism Team Detective Scott Dawson led the investigation into Mr Brodie-Hall and arrested him along with his flatmates Jackson Trevor Pay and Duncan Robert Cromb, who were living together at a unit in Adelaide’s north in 2022.

The charges against Mr Brodie-Hall relate to two books uncovered by the police in the unit’s communal bookshelf.

One of the books recommends four methods of covert direct action to help spark a Nazi revolution, including assassinations, terror bombings, the sabotage of infrastructure and terror campaigns directed at “the enemy”.

The book was seized in an April 2021 raid.

A second book, listed as extremist material, advocates “mental liberation” leading to a Nazi revolution and was seized from the unit in 2022.

Mr Pay and Mr Cromb have both pleaded guilty to possessing extremist material.

In a call with a friend, Mr Brodie-Hall calls Mr Pay a “dog c**t” and alleges he slept with his girlfriend in his bed the day after his arrest.

“He’s (Mr Pay) a f**king dog,” he said.

He tells the friend he believes Mr Pay “squealed” to the police.

“I reckon he is a f**king grass as well,” he tells the friend.

“But you didn’t get that from me.”

His friend replies: “I’ll deal with it.”

In the calls, Mr Brodie-Hall also denies possessing the two books.

“Neither of them were actually mine,” he said.

“Some dumb c**t left them there.”

The calls also offer insight into his life in jail, as he boasts about playing ping pong and watching TV.

“I’ve been watching Married At First Sight,” he said.

Judge Paul Muscat, speaking on the first day of the trial on Tuesday, said the case would depend on whether the prosecution could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr Brodie-Hall possessed the material either exclusively or jointly with Mr Pay and Mr Cromb.

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