‘Can’t sing’: Jonas Brothers slammed on-air during Project appearance

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The Jonas Brothers copped a harsh insult on Monday night’s episode of The Project.

At the start of the show, the panel revealed that the three brothers would be appearing on the show for a chat ahead of their sellout Australian tour.

Before their appearance, the gang all chatted about the star’s being on the show and it sparked guest host Steve Price to share his thoughts on the group… and they weren’t kind.

“You like those beats, don’t you, our fourth Jonas Brother tonight, it’s Steve Price!” said Waleed Aly as he introduced the radio shock jock.

Sarah Harris then exclaimed Prince could be part of the band, saying: “You are the bonus Jonas!”

Co-star Sam Taunton then quizzed Prince on his talents, asking the host: “Can you play an instrument?”

Prince then appeared to throw the band under the bus, telling his fellow panellists: “No. Can I sing? No. Can I play an instrument? No. So I’d fill that band perfectly!”

Trying not to draw attention to Price’s comment, Aly interjected: “OK, alright, not bad!’ before swiftly changing the topic.

Thankfully, the Jonas Brothers’ interview on the show had been prerecorded so they were none the wiser about some of the panel’s true feelings about them.

But following Price’s remark, it seems doubtful The Project will be welcoming the popular boyband back onto the show in the near future.

It comes after The Project star Michael Hing made a seriously X-rated confession on Friday’s episode of the Channel 10 show. Hing was joined by his co-stars while the panel discussed what the most painful bites and stings from different Australian critters are.

Australia has earned its reputation for having the most dangerous animals; and venom expert Bryan Fry has ranked Australia’s most painful creatures.

There’s a whole host of critters on the list, including spiders, caterpillars and a number of seriously scary-looking jellyfish.

When the panel came to discuss which creature they’d pick if they had to be stung by one, so they could say they had “survived”, Hing had a rather surprising response that left his co-stars gasping.

“I would pick jellyfish,” he said rather coyly, before adding: “ … because I want to get pissed on.”

His co-stars didn’t quite know what to make of that, with silence falling over the panel for a moment before some of its members erupted into awkward laughter.