Demi Lovato goes viral after ‘tone deaf’ Heart Attack performance

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Demi Lovato has been hit my a wave of backlash after she performed her hit song ‘Heart Attack’ at an event held in tribute for survivors of cardiac arrest.

Lovato took the stage at the American Heart Association’s annual Go Red for Women Red Dress Collection concert on January 31.

The event is intended to raise awareness about deadly cardiovascular issues, and Lovato has since gone viral on social media for her bizarre song choice .

The moment on Wednesday became a running joke on Twitter as fans asked why Lovato chose that particular track to perform.

“She didn’t think this one through,” one person wrote on the social media site.

“Wait, I thought this was a joke,” came another scathing tweet.

“Why would she choose this song?” asked another Twitter user.

A fourth person wrote, “Well that’s a bit dark don’t you think,” while another laughed: “She had the chance to do the funniest thing possible and she came through.”

Ahead of the performance, Lovato is reported to have told the audience: “This song has many parallels for me, my journey and a reminder for all of us in the room just how strong the mind-heart-body connection truly is.”

Since going viral, a spokesperson for Lovato explained her decision to perform the track.

“She spoke on the mind-heart connection. It was a sensitive moment intended to champion the women in the room — the very reason why Demi was at the event,” the representative explained. “She did open with a beautiful intro on why she chose the song and addressed the room, talking about the mind and heart connection. It was actually a beautiful moment.”

In December, Lovato announced she became engaged to boyfriend Jordan Lutes.

Lutes, 31, popped the question with a pear-shaped diamond solitaire engagement ring.

The two went public with their romance in August 2022. They first met when they co-wrote her song, ‘Substance’, in January 2022.

Lovato said during an interview last year that being with someone her age has made her look back at the power dynamics in a relationship with a significant age gap.

“I’m with a partner that is my age, essentially. I look back on the past and think, ‘That’s gross,” she explained.

She added that being with someone a similar age to her means they are “growing together” and it feels really “healthy.”