Elite Supplements customers targeted in cyber attack

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Customers of a popular supplement brand are being warned their personal information has been breached after the company was hacked.

Elite Supplements informed its customers in an email, seen by NCA NewsWire, that the company had been cyber-attacked, which resulted “in one or more unknown parties gaining access” to some online customer data.

The company was first alerted to the possible breach on January 30 and has been “taking the breach extremely seriously” before informing its customers shortly after 6pm on Saturday.

However, customers were assured no credit card, sensitive payment data or passwords were compromised in the breach.

Instead, the hackers gained access to the names, shipping addresses, email addresses and phone number of online customers.

“Our intention has been to verify that a breach has occurred, and to ascertain as much as we could about what data was accessed, before alerting customers,” Elite Supplements told customers in its email.

“We have begun notifying the relevant government authorities and the company is complying fully with our reporting obligations under cybersecurity laws.

“Elite Supplements deeply regrets this incident, which comes despite the considerable investment we have made in cybersecurity.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience or distress the breach has caused our customers.”

The company confirmed the data it holds has since been secured after it engaged a cybersecurity firm.

The email encouraged customers to be wary of any further communication from Elite Supplements given data was accessed in the breach.

“Given that access has been gained to some customer email addresses and phone numbers we urge you to be extra vigilant with communications that appear to be from Elite Supplements,” the email stated.

“Please be reassured that responding to this incident, and doing everything we can to protect our customers interests, is our highest priority at present.

“We will keep you informed as soon as we have new information to share.”

The Australian company was launched in 2007 and now has more than 80 stores nationwide.

Elite Supplements has been contacted.