Eras Tour Australia: Melbourne bride ‘cuts’ best friend from wedding for Taylor Swift request

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An Australian bride has taken drastic action against her bridesmaid after she revealed she wanted to bail on her wedding duties to attend a Taylor Swift concert.

Olivia was left in floods of tears after telling Jessie she wanted to leave her wedding early in order to see her idol at the MCG on February 17.

Despite enlisting the help of Fox 101.9’s Fifi, Fev & Nick Show, Olivia’s hopes of attending both the nuptials and the highly anticipated Eras Tour were quickly dashed, with Jessie labelling the suggestion “a joke”.

Fellow Aussies and Swifties also weighed in on the conundrum after a clip of the disastrous admission was shared on TikTok, with many arguing Olivia was in the wrong, claiming her actions were “terrible” and “unforgivable”.

Now Fifi, Fev and Nick have shared an update after Jessie called into the show to reveal what happened once she and Olivia were off-air.

“I was pretty angry, I was mortified, if I am honest but Liv and I did speak after the show and I told her that she’s been cut from the wedding,” she told the hosts.

“She’s shown her true colours, so if she wants to go to the concert, she can go.”

The admission left Fifi and Fev visibly stunned, with Jessie explaining the pair had fought before she made the decision to remove her from the big day altogether.

“She wanted to still take the route that maybe she could come for some of the wedding and then leave.

“But realistically that wasn’t feasible.”

She continued: “To choose someone to be your bridesmaid is a pretty big deal, in my eyes at least.

“And she was a really good friend. If she saw a Taylor Swift concert as more important then that’s her choice. I don’t want her as a part of my day.”

Jessie concluded by saying she wanted to understand, but it was her wedding day, insinuating the celebration comes around so rarely.

“If it was anything else, I would get it, but it’s my wedding,” she stated.

“It’s been really hard.”

At this point, the bride began to get emotional, revealing it was meant to be an “exciting time” in her life but instead it had been a huge stress, adding: “It just really sucks.”

Once again social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the situation, with many declaring they were “team bride”.

“Taylor swift concerts will happen again, but a wedding for your bff is a once is a lifetime,” one wrote.

“I’m with the bride 100 per cent,” another agreed.

Jessie had “blown up” over the admission back in January, leaving her former best friend in tears, despite stating she felt “awful”.

“I know I sound like such a bad friend,” she sobbed, explaining she had “loved Taylor for so long”.

But Olivia wasn’t the only guest who had abandoned the nuptials in favour of the megastar’s huge Australian tour.

“You know how much this has been annoying me that people have been dropping out to go to her and you’ve known all along that you’re going to go to her concert,” Jessie had raged.

“I’m so stressed, it’s three weeks out. I want you there next to me on my day and you’re not going to be there.”

Despite Olivia’s pleas for forgiveness, which saw her reveal she’d been “anxious” about telling the bride, Jessie wasn’t having any of it – and social media agreed.

“That’s the most insane thing I’ve ever seen, can you fathom a bridesmaid of yours not going to your wedding to go and see Taylor Swift, who is touring all around the world … while you’re getting married which happens just once? I feel sick. She’s an awful person,” TikTok user @belleperez_ said in a video.

“The people who said they would ditch a friend’s wedding – what do you think Taylor Swift would do in that situation? I can’t imagine Taylor – the ultimate girls girl – would ever do this. I am devastated for the bride having to go through this,” another content creator, @alexaprinno, shared in a clip.

Others however were far more sympathetic to Olivia’s plight, stating she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her own dreams to make her mate’s come true.

“I’m sorry but I would have gone to see Taylor too,” one said.

“Friendships come and go. Eras Tour is once on a lifetime. I know what I would do,” another agreed.