Fears for ex-One Direction star Liam Payne after video of him sobbing emerges

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Liam Payne has sparked huge concern among his fanbase after breaking down while recording his new song.

The One Direction star, 30, was seen wiping away tears as he sobbed in his latest TikTok video and admitted: “There were definitely a lot of teardrops shed making these records.”

The dad-of-one – whose new track is called Teardrops – shared his backstage experiences while putting together the track, reports The Sun.

One scene saw his friend give him a big hug as he let his emotions flow before Liam told the camera: “For the first time you can really get a picture of what it was like for me each day making this record.

“Like this album is that whole last year for me.

“How I was feeling on those days is each record, it’s a snapshot of the day.

“So you can even help someone through a tough time, you know help somebody celebrate something.

“That’s what I really wanted to get across with this record and that’s the best part I guess about my job.”

Yet despite Liam looking healthy in a grey top and gold necklace after his recent health battles, fans were still concerned.

One took to the comments section to write: “Who made my baby cry?”

Another admitted: “Liam crying breaks my heart,” as one put: “Seeing him cry makes me cry even more.”

One then added: “Him crying at the start omg.”

Fans can pre-save the new track now.

Meanwhile, Liam’s struggles at coping with life outside One Direction were recently documented.

Last year, the Strip That Down singer was admitted to hospital in Italy battling fresh health concerns amid ongoing kidney problems.

At the time, sone fans linked the overseas ambulance dash to his history of addiction issues which have seen him spend time in rehab.

In 2021, he blamed a “pills and booze phase” for bloating his face to “ten times the size.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.