Former Home and Away star Jodi Gordon opens up on substance abuse in candid birthday post

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Former Home and Away actor Jodi Gordon publicly admitted to struggling with substance abuse for most of her life in a new Instagram post on her 39th birthday.

Gordon said her sobriety and rehab experience had significantly changed her life for the better, revealing she finally became sober on April 7th, 2022.

“I have battled substance abuse for the most part of my life, stepping into recovery at 24 but never being able to stay stopped,” she wrote in the social media post.

“On April 7th 2022 I got sober and have stayed sober ever since, completely changing my life in ways I didn’t think were possible.”

She said she completed a 30-day recovery program for alcohol addiction in 2022 at a Sydney clinic.

Gordon’s substance abuse issues were first made public following a 2009 incident involving a drug scandal with Mark Judge.

Gordon called triple-0 to alert police to armed intruders at Judge’s Bellevue Home, sparking an emergency operation.

Police viewed CCTV footage and found that there had been no intruders, with Gordon later admitting that cocaine had been consumed earlier that night.

Gordon broke up with partner Ryan Stokes following the 2009 scandal.

She later married former NRL star Braith Anasta with whom she has a daughter Aleeia, nine.

However the couple split a year after their daughter was born and Gordon went on to have a tumultuous relationship with British banker Sebastian Blackler, which turned sour after police took an AVO out against him preventing him from stalking or harassing Gordon.

After an incident in April 2022, Gordon entered rehab to finally take control.

Since her decision to make a change, Gordon has focused on health, fitness, and motherhood, and shares pictures of her taking ice baths and exercising at Coogee Beach.

“I always wanted a big family, and I got one with my daughter Aleeia. She is unlike any human I have ever known, so loving, fierce, patient, wise, and curious,” she said.

“I love being her teacher and student… Thank you Braith for the wonderful gift of a lifetime.”

Gordon is pursuing a new career path and currently studying for a Bachelor of Counselling and Communication Skills, and has started a professional job in mental health, aiming to reduce discrimination and stigma.

Gordon says she has also found solace in poetry and writing, and thanked her supporters for their love and support through her challenges.