Friends co-star Cole Sprouse was ‘head over heels’ for Jennifer Aniston

Cole Sprouse wanted to be more than just Friends with his childhood co-star Jennifer Aniston.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star — who played Ben Gellar on Seasons six through eight of the popular sitcom — stopped by Live with Kelly and Mark Wednesday morning, where he recalled some of his first memories in showbiz, including “pooping on command in a diaper commercial.”

“I remember [this] was the first thing my brother (Dylan Sprouse) and I did,” he shared. “Twins worked really well in the industry as because you could just trade us off. We were a little exploit for labour laws. That’s how you get ahead, kids!”

After Sprouse brought up notable gigs of his such as Grace Under Fire and starring alongside Adam Sandler in Big Daddy, Live co-host Kelly Ripa asked if he “had any idea what it was to be famous” as a child, prompting him to explain his first brush with fame.

“I was on Friends for about eight to ten episodes,” he remembered. “I think I was like seven or eight at the time.”

Sprouse said that although he had “never watched” the hit sitcom at the time because he “was obviously too young,” he can still remember the first time he walked into the studio to play Ross Geller’s (David Schwimmer) son.

“And I knew there was an energy in the studio that made me go, this is the biggest show in the world,” he said. “I knew it was massive, and I felt very intimidated when I walked in.”

When Mark Consuelos chimed in to ask his Riverdale co-star how he felt “working with Jennifer Aniston,” Sprouse said he “was head over heels about her.”

“I’ve said it a couple times before, but I blanked when she looked at me in the eyes,” he gushed. “Like I completely lost all of my lines, all the prep.”

Joking about working alongside Consuelos on Riverdale, he quipped, “It was like working with Mark, too!”

While Sprouse has previously opened up about his crush on the Aniston, the actress herself was told about it during an interview with Access Hollywood alongside Sandler last March, to which she replied, “He was so little!” However, she was more stunned by the fact that he and his brother had reached age 30, per People.

“WHAT?” she exclaimed. “No, they’re not!”

This story originally appeared on Decider and is republished here with permission