Harry Connick Jr’s daughters reveal the problem with Aussie men

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The daughters of a Hollywood A-lister have revealed the one thing that annoys them about Aussie men.

Harry Connick Jr’s three daughters visited Australia when their dad was filming Australian Idol last year, and they loved it so much that they decided to stay rather than head back to the US.

Georgia, Charlotte and Sarah Kate Connick are all living the single life in Sydney, and while they’re thoroughly enjoying the city, they’ve got one small gripe with Aussie fellas.

“To be honest, they’re a little reserved,” Georgia told news.com.au as they walked the AACTAs red carpet on Saturday night alongside their dad.

Her sisters wholeheartedly agreed, with Sarah Kate saying: “this is our message, ‘you can approach us and we like to be approached,’” she laughed.

The trio pointed out that their parents, Harry Connick Jr and Jill Goodacre, are very invested in their dating lives and often invite any potential suitors over to meet the family by date number two.

If the girls decide they’re dates aren’t quite ready for that, Harry and Jill will still find a way to meet the guy who has captured the attention of one of their daughters.

“They’ll creep up, they’ll be like, ‘that’s so funny, we’re in the same restaurant!’” Georgia told news.com.au.

Harry Connick Jr also spoke to news.com.au at the AACTAs, and he said he’d be more than happy for one of his daughters to date a local.

“The Aussie boys, there’s some good guys down here, so I look forward to meeting them as time goes on,” he said.

But he did warn that his girls won’t just settle for anyone.

“Our daughters are brilliant, driven, highly discerning and wonderful people that expect nothing but the very best out of everybody who finds them interesting,” he said.

“If they’re anything like my wife, they’re strong women and you gotta love that.”

Harry Connick Jr was just one of the big names who attended the AACTAs on the Gold Coast on Saturday night, with other guests including Margot Robbie, Cate Blanchett, Rebel Wilson and Ron Howard.

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