Homicide police set to be called in to investigate in search for Samantha Murphy

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Homicide police have been called into the case of missing Victoria mum Samantha Murphy who vanished on Sunday after going out for a morning jog.

The search for the Ballarat woman, 51, entered day six on Friday with her family making an emotional plea for the mother-of-three to “come home soon”.

She was last seen by her family as she left her home on Eureka St, Ballarat East, for a run at 7am on Sunday morning.

Crews have searched the Canadian State Forest and Mount Helen areas over the past four days, using mounted officers and police dogs to hunt for signs of Ms Murphy.

It has also been revealed that CCTV footage put out by the police which was thought to have shown Ms Murphy going for a jog before her disappearance is actually of a different woman.

The Herald Sun has now reported that Victoria Police may bring in homicide investigators from the missing persons unit.

Their role will be to review the case. But it will also raise concerns that foul play may have played a role in Ms Murphy’s disappearance.

The missing person unit has delved into major murder cases in the state.

Daughter’s plea

On Thursday, Ms Murphy’s daughter Jess fought back tears as she spoke publicly for the first time since her mum vanished.

She urged the Ballarat community to not lose hope in the search for her mum.

“Mum’s a really strong woman and she’s far too determined to give up this fight,” she said.

Jess faced the media outside Ballarat West Police Station.

“I know she’s out there somewhere, so if you could please continue to search for her and give us something to work with we’d really appreciate it,” she said.

“Mum we love you so much and we miss you … please come home soon.”

Her father Michael Murphy comforted her by stroking her back as she struggled to get the message out through her tears.

Jess continued: “I can’t wait to see you and to give you the biggest hug when I do.”

“And to tell you off for giving us so much stress. I love you,” she said.

Ms Murphy’s husband urged the local community for information.

“People just don’t vanish into thin air. Someone’s got to know something,” Mr Murphy told media.

“Whether it be any little thing that you might think is relevant, just call the police and let them know.

“It’ll give us a bit of peace of mind, some hope.”

The search initially focused on the Canadian Forest — where Ms Murphy told her husband she was heading out on her regular 20km run — but this was thrown into disarray on Wednesday as a three second CCTV clip of Ms Murphy was found.

The footage captured Ms Murphy running past a house on Eureka St towards Yankee Flat Road, in the opposite direction of the forest, at 7.16am.

This was just 16 minutes after she is believed to have left for her run.

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