’I’m leaving’: Fuming bride ditches groom in awkward MAFS premiere

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It all started so well on the Married At First Sight premiere for Tim and Sara, as they appeared to be the “perfect match on paper”.

However things quickly spiralled into chaos, and the bride ended up walking off during the couple’s first night together after an awkward comment turned into a bitter row.

After a tumultuous wedding day that saw Tim admit to almost marrying his ex just six months prior, and a “rancid” wedding speech from his best man, the pair managed to make it to the first night of their honeymoon just about intact.

However, after arriving in Fiji, everything began to unravel Tim committed a cardinal sin; telling a woman to “relax”.

After ordering some tequila in a bid to help Sara relax, Tim’s gesture sadly failed to work after his bride scoffed at the quality of their drinks.

“It’s not good tequila,” she complained.

Clearly growing frustrated, Tim then muttered: “You need to … ermmm …” before cutting himself off.

“What?” replied Sara

“Nothing … you don’t need to do anything,” he said.

“Just say it,” she dared, before Tim said: “Fleeting moment. It passed. … I was gonna say you need to relax.”

Sadly for Tim, Sara didn’t take his advice, and immediately began to express her frustration.

“Have you ever dealt with women before? To tell me to relax when I’m very clearly NOT freaking out? You KNOW that would piss me off!” she yelled “I just wish you didn’t say that. I’m in such a mood now. I think everyone can agree that when you tell a woman to relax…”

“I didn’t tell you to relax,” Tim interjected. “I bit my tongue.”

“You said, ‘What did you say?’ And I said, ‘Nah, I’m gonna hold it’. And (then) I said, ‘Relax’. I didn’t tell you to relax, directly. So don’t put words in my mouth, please. Don’t play this game.”

“What game?!” she scoffed to which he responded: “You tell me!’

Unable to calm herself down, Sara decided she’d had enough and announced she was leaving before walking off the beach.

“He’s, like, so f**king annoying!” she moaned after leaving her groom to dine for one.