‘It’s gut wrenching’: Newlyweds fatally shot by ‘coward’ at sports bar where wife bartended

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A bartender in Wisconsin and her “inseparable” husband were shot and killed inside a sports bar and authorities are still seeking the “coward” behind the mysterious double homicide.

Sports Page Barr worker Gina Weingart, 37, and Emerson Weingart, 33, were killed in the gunfire that rang out at the US bar shortly after midnight on Thursday, Elkhorn police said.

Multiple agencies rushed to the scene after getting a call of shots fired at the business, the New York Post reports.

When law enforcement officials arrived they found the couple — who were recently married — with fatal gunshot wounds, but the killer was nowhere to be found.

The owner of the business, Jordan Barr, said in a Facebook post that a “coward” came into the bar and started shooting.

“Their lives were just beginning, and I believe I speak for our entire Sports Page family by saying we are absolutely devastated by what happened,” Mr Barr wrote. “It is a despicable act of violence that has shaken all of us to our core.”

No motive has been revealed so far and police have not released a description of a suspect.

The married couple were longtime regulars at the bar and grew close to staff and patrons. Gina was eventually offered a part-time gig at the establishment, Mr Barr wrote.

Both victims grew up in the state of Wisconsin and got married in June, according to their obituaries.

Emerson was an avid fisherman and big-time Green Bay Packers fan while Gina loved to sing and dance, tributes posted online state.

“Gina and Emerson started dating in 2020 and became inseparable,” their loved ones wrote. “Gina and Emerson Weingart were recently married in June 2023. Two of the most beautiful, kind-hearted and fun-loving couple you could ever know.”

Elkhorn is a city in Wisconsin of roughly 10,000 residents and is about 40 miles from Milwaukee.

Emerson’s father, Jeff Weingart, hopes someone comes forward to provide police with information that could lead to an arrest.

“It’s gut-wrenching,” he told WIS over the weekend. “Somebody saw them. Somebody saw them. I don’t care, you don’t pull something like that off.

“I can’t believe that it was just her and him in the bar. So somebody saw them, and somebody had to give a description of them, and somebody had to see the car when he drove away, and they better find him.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission.