Jake Gyllenhaal movie shut down over alleged ‘erratic’ behaviour on-set

Jake Gyllenhaal’s indie film reportedly fell apart because of the actor’s alleged “erratic” behaviour on set, according to director Thomas Bidegain.

Bidegain’s new movie, Soudain Seuls, was recently released in France as a foreign language film.

However, originally, it had been scheduled to film in 2021, in English, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Vanessa Kirby as the leading stars.

In a new interview with French film magazine Technikart, the director makes a series of bizarre claims, that both actor’s have refuted, which include alleging Gyllenhaal and Kirby “humiliated” him by reading the script in a “Pepe Le Pew” accent.

According to A.V Club, after 10 months of working on the script with the two actors, filming lasted just four days before the director decided to shut the entire project down.

Gyllenhaal and Bidegain reportedly first disagreed about the overall meaning of the movie. Bidegain saw the movie being about how love can save the world when its in peril. Gyllenhaal, however, saw differently. After a walk in the woods and a meeting with a horse, he reportedly returned to the writer’s room to allegedly play Greta Thunberg videos over rock music and cry, saying the film was about having a “love of nature”.

Other claims include Gyllenhaal reportedly demanding he be supplied with a car that was “neither red nor white” from production, after refusing to fly due to Covid-19 concerns, and stripping to his underwear and jumping in the freezing sea while visiting locations.

According to Bidegain, the nightmare ended when he had to make a “heartbreaking” call to producer Alain Attal, saying: “Our visions diverge too much. We won’t be able to shoot in September. It’s all over, and the $26 million is gone!”

However, sources told A.V Club claimed that the film failed to come to fruition because “neither Kirby or Gyllenhaal were happy with the script”

Representatives for Gyllenhaal and StudioCanal have attempted to clarify the directors allegations, claiming that while the English-language version of the film was never greenlit, Gyllenhaal and Kirby’s time in Iceland over the four says was instead “part of the development process”.

“In this case, there were concerns which simply could not be overcome despite great efforts on both sides,” a representative told A.V. Club. “We greatly value all our relationships at STUDIOCANAL and are happy that Thomas Bidegain was able to fulfil his vision on the French language version of Suddenly.”