Jetstar offers ticket sale on flights to Canberra

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Low-cost budget carrier Jetstar has just released a February fire sale for tickets to Canberra, with flights to the capital going for $49.

Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas, announced the cheap fares bonanza on Thursday, with the sale starting on February 14 and ending on February 18.

Travellers going from Melbourne can fly to the capital city for just $49 between April 9 and June 20 and from July 10 to September 18.

A ticket from Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast costs $69 from April 10 to June 19 and from July 24 and September 11.

A flight from Brisbane costs $79 from April 9 to June 19 and from July 17 to September 11.

The tickets are one-way and exclude baggage costs.

Canberra, the beating heart of Australian politics, is surging as a new hotspot for fine dining, an array of world-class cultural experiences and a welcoming travel destination for families.

The National Zoo and Aquarium boasts lions, giraffes and cheetahs and the popular Questacon National Science and Technology Centre provides an interactive experience for kids of all ages.

The National Gallery of Australia holds Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock paintings alongside the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art collection.

A 35-minute drive from the city takes travellers to 40 wineries with wine-tasting and fine-dining experiences.

The ultra-cheap flights come as Jetstar moves to fend off a challenge from new entrant Bonza into the domestic low-cost airline market.

Bonza regularly advertises tickets on its routes for less than $100.

Jetstar’s suite of sales also offer tickets to major destinations for less than $100.

The company’s Sales and Specials page shows flights from Brisbane to Sydney going for $81 from late February to late March.

A flight from Melbourne to Adelaide is going for $61 from late April until late June and a flight from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney is priced at $73 from late February to mid March.