Joe Biden’s Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Super Bowl conspiracy post trolls America | NFL 2024

Americans have been left astounded after US President Joe Biden stoked the conspiracy fires with a post on X after the Chiefs’ heart-stopping 25-22 overtime win over the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs became the ninth team in NFL history to go back-to-back when quarterback Patrick Mahomes went for broke, finding Mecole Hardman for a touchdown in the corner with just three seconds left on the clock.

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It’s the Chiefs’ third title in five years.

But many fans were convinced the result was already in the script in one of the wildest conspiracies going around.

It’s believed Taylor Swift, who backed Joe Biden at the 2020 election, could hold the key to the 2024 election as it’s believed she could increase youth turnout.

But right-wing media has latched onto the idea that the Super Bowl would be rigged in order to promote Swift and her Chiefs boyfriend Travis Kelce and that the pair would endorse Biden.

The conspiracy theory posits that Swift and Kelce are an “artificial” couple concocted as part of a nefarious US Democratic Party “psyop”.

While there has been no endorsement as yet despite the Super Bowl being run and won by Kansas City, Biden’s personal X and Instagram accounts poured petrol on the fire.

Posting off his @JoeBiden account, a picture of Biden’s alter-ego Dark Brandon with a caption of “Just like we drew it up” sent fans wild.

While it’s unknown whether Biden himself posted it – more likely it was a member of his staff – readers were astounded by the post.

“Thought this was Joe Biden (Parody) at first,” one fan said.

“Which intern tweeted this,” posted another.

Another wrote: “Sir this is next level trolling. You are awarded 10/10.”

Another said: “why did the president post this???”

Plenty more were buying into the conspiracy.

“I mean it’s literally saying the NFL is rigged at a minimum and that Taylor Swift is a CIA psyop (logical extension),” one person posted.

“Now the Democrat Party has rigged and stolen the Super Bowl. You can’t make this up,” said another.

One more wrote: “Taylor Swift won the Super Bowl and next she will win the election for President Biden..”

Dark Brandon is a meme that began trending in 2022 which originally began as a right-wing slogan. explained the meme began as: “‘Let’s Go Brandon,’ that was actually coded to stand in for ‘F**k Joe Biden’.”

But it birthed the Dark Brandon meme generally depicted as Biden with laser eyes, which was embraced by the left and even the President himself.

Prior to the match, Biden’s team launched a Tik Tok channel where the President answered some quick questions.

“Chiefs or Niners?”

“Two great quarterbacks — hard to decide,” he said. “But if I didn’t say that I was for the Eagles then I would be sleeping alone. My wife’s a Philly girl.”

Answering a few more questions including his favourite Kelce being Mama Kelce because “she makes great chocolate chip cookies”, then came arguably the most interesting moment in the video.

“Deviously plotting to rig the season so the Chiefs would make the Super Bowl or the Chiefs being just a good football team?”

“I’d get in trouble if I told you,” Biden said as a shot of Dark Brandon flashed on screen.

Swift’s appearances at Chiefs matches throughout the season have been credited for helping bring in the NFL’s best regular season viewership since 2015.

And the Super Bowl was tipped to be the most watched game in US history and beat last years’ viewership of 115m — making it the second most watched program in TV history, behind only the 1969 Moon Landing.

While it’s unknown if it did at this stage, the point is there were certainly plenty of eyeballs on the game.

However, the theory has been widely slapped down as even NFL commissioner Roger Goodell faced questions about the conspiracy.

Goodell said the theories were “frankly not even worth talking about.”

On Sunday, former president Donald Trump, the frontrunner to take on Biden in November, said in a post on Truth Social on Sunday that a Swift endorsement of Biden in the 2024 election would be “disloyal”.

Trump, claiming credit for the Music Modernization Act, said the legislation addressing copyright law and streaming rights had benefited Swift.

“Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor, and never will,” Trump wrote, saying there was “no way” the singer would endorse Biden and “be disloyal to the man who made her so much money.”

“Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!” Trump added.

While Kelce has largely steered clear of public comments on politics, he drew the ire of the right for appearing in ads promoting Covid vaccines.

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