Kangaroo, US: Escaped kangaroo sends Tampa police on a wild chase to save the marsupial in Florida

American authorities were surprised to receive a call for help from a concerned resident after they spotted a kangaroo on the loose in Tampa, Florida.

The strange call was made to 911 by a woman on Thursday who called to make the bizarre report after spotting the marsupial intruder by her pool.

“911, do you need police, fire or medical?,” the 911 dispatcher asked when she answered the emergency call.

“I guess police? There’s a kangaroo in uh my apartment complex,” the woman can be heard trying to explain the bizarre scenario unfolding outside her window.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies quickly jumped into action and found the kangaroo on the loose, hanging by the pool.

“I actually see a kangaroo, it’s kind of a large kangaroo,” a deputy radioed back to the sheriff’s office.

“We got it closed into the pool gated area.”

Authorities later confirmed the kangaroo was privately owned and had managed to escape its Florida home.

After proper registrations for ownership were verified, the kangaroo was returned to its owner.

The sheriff’s office agricultural unit confirmed that there had been no injuries to the kangaroo or any people during the rampage.