Kerri Gribble defends ‘brag’ about owning 5 homes to struggling fan

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An Australian influencer has responded after “bragging” she was about to buy her fifth home when responding to a struggling fan asking for advice.

Kerri Gribble, who lives in Adelaide, was labelled “tone deaf” following an apparent attempt to relate to a 23-year-old fan who said they felt “lost” and “behind” in life.

The content creator, who has 127,000 followers on Instagram and another 93,000 on TikTok, said she felt “the same” way about her own life before going on to state she and her boyfriend Josh Henke own four houses and are about to buy another.

The 23-year-old model said she tries to remember she’s doing “pretty well”, adding she has to remind herself she can have the airconditioning on “as long as I like and know I can pay the bill for it”.

However it seems her remarks were far from reassuring, with many quick to point out Gribble’s comments sounded like she was “boasting”, and did little to soothe her struggling fan.

“WHERE EVEN IS THE ADVICE…?!!!??!” a post made by watchdog account Aussie Influencer Opinions read, alongside a screenshot of the Q&A which appeared on Gribble’s Instagram Stories.

Many were quick to agree, stressing their shock Gribble had posted such a “self-indulgent” response.

“I can’t believe she actually posted this,” one gobsmacked user said.

“I feel so bad for these kids who follow. When I was 23 I was just happy to have a job, no hangover and a club pic that turned out half decent,” another shared.

As one scoffed: “For someone who owns so many rooms she clearly didn’t read any of them. This is rather ridiculous!”

One translated the post, writing: “I’m lost – help. I’m doing awesome, thanks.”

“What an absolute tone deaf response,” one mused, while another chipped in: “Nice for some.”

In response to the overwhelming backlash, she later issued a statement on the comments in a bid to explain herself, but this fell flat among critics.

She said: “I’m saying we all feel behind no matter what situation we’re in, it’s human nature. Everyone’s doing their best to get where they need to be, don’t stress.

“Probably could have worded what I said better but guess what, no one is actually perfect hehe (as much as we want to be).

“If you compare yourself too much to people online and it really gets you down, unfollow, block, delete, remove etc etc TRUST ME. I’m grateful for everything I have.”

However, many noted Gribble’s comments were made in “tiny text”, which made it almost illegible.

“This is so humiliating for her. How is the 4 houses relevant to someone asking for advice on feeling lost?” one asked.

“Fan – wanting help and reaching out as she looks up to her … her – completely rubbing in their face how much better she’s doing in todays financial crisis,” another agreed.

“Yuck. Who brags about hoarding homes during a housing crisis!? She’s literally part of the problem,” someone else added.

Gribble has since set her Instagram account to private and changed her username in a bid to avoid continued criticism.

It’s not the first time Gribble has been caught in an online controversy, with the influencer getting dumped by a fashion brand after she allegedly branded another woman “fat” in a leaked Snapchat video.

Australian e-tailer White Fox Boutique dropped Gribble after it was claimed she “fat-shamed” TikTok megastar Mikaela Testa in December 2022.

Testa later revealed she didn’t leave the house for a week after the comment was made “because I don’t like what I look like and I don’t want to be seen by anyone”.

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