Kutti Beach: Sydney beach everyone wants to visit

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A tiny beach in Sydney has captivated Aussies and tourists with the “hidden gem” going viral online.

TikTok has become inundated with clips showing off the picturesque Kutti beach, in the ritzy suburb of Vaucluse, in the eastern suburbs.

The “secret beach” is tucked between Parsley Beach and Watsons Bay, and is not easy to track down, making it mostly known to nearby residents.

However, the power of social media has helped put it on everyone’s “must-visit” list with videos showcasing its crystal clear waters, stunning views and leafy, green surroundings.

“Another must visit Sydney hidden gem,” an Aussie captioned her clip.

“Secret is out! Hidden gem in Sydney … enjoy,” another wrote alongside a video of the beach.

One TikToker said the beach is only accessible via a suburban, no-through road, “so difficult to find unless you know about it”.

“I’m always at Kutti,” one regular wrote.

“Had a great time at the Kutti beach — ️ fresh air and was so relaxed, see you next time Kutti,” said another.

It’s just over a 20 minute drive from the Sydney CBD, or if you wanted to access it via public transport, you could get the ferry to Watsons Bay and walk around.

When you get to the end of Wharf Road, in front of the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club, you may think you have hit a dead end, but if you look closer, you will find a narrow staircase.

It’s the only known public access to get to the beach. Once you make your way down you will spot a few impressive beachfront mansions and boathouses, and a string of palm trees.

This is a sign you have made it. The beach is quiet and small and is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of other popular Sydney beaches.

It has been described as a “private paradise” with its surroundings so serene and water so green, you feel like you’re on an island.

To top it off, it’s also dog-friendly. So you can bring along your four-legged friend.

The official Sydney account ranked it in its top four “Sydney beaches you didn’t know” alongside Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve in Cronulla, Chinamans Beach in Mosman and Castle Rock beach in Clontarf, with the clip attracting just over half a million views.

“I am going to show you where I have been for the most incredible drip in a secluded beach in Sydney,” Aussie content creator and nutritionist Laura Saunders said in a TikTok about Castle Rock.

Some have even likened it to the Caribbean describing it as a “little slice of paradise”.

Despite its location along one of the city’s most popular walking trails, few know about the stunning beach, but those who do are now bitter “everyone knows about it”.

“No longer a hidden gem thanks tiktok,” one person commented, while a third griped: “Well there goes the hidden gem”.

The beach is also a popular place for boats to dock but visitors have been warned to take care as there are no lifeguards. You also won’t find any shops, so best to go prepared.

Castle Rock Beach can be found at the end of Oglivy Road where there is a track down to the to the intersection of the Spit to Manly walkway.

Explorers say the ‘intimate’ beach can get a little bit crowded on sunny weekends but have been raving about the little-known find.

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