Kyle Sandilands breaks down in tears on Australian Idol premiere

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Kyle Sandilands has broken down in tears during the season premiere of Australian Idol.

The veteran judge, who forms the panel on this year’s Channel 7 talent show alongside Amy Shark and Marcia Hines, was left deeply moved by one particular audition, where he showed his rare emotional side.

NSW musician Dylan Wright, who was the first auditionee on day one, sang Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House in honour of his late mother, who died a decade ago after a years-long battle with acute lymphoblastic Leukemia.

“I love the song,” Wright began of the personal song choice. “Mum and I saw Crowded House a few years before she passed. It means a few different things, and I guess, one day I’ll be coming back home to her.”

The Bangalow-based father-of-two, armed with his guitar, then delivered a pitch-perfect and emotionally-driven performance of the hit track, which left all three judges speechless.

After taking a moment, Hines began, “That’s one of the most heartfelt performances I’ve seen … You’ve touched me.”

A teary Sandilands was next, asking for a moment before delivering his feedback. “Sorry,” he said, covering his mouth.

“How did I turn from the asshole into the guy who bursts into tears,” the radio shock jock added.

“That was so beautiful. I don’t usually cry in the presence of other men, but what a sweetheart you are. I loved that.

“You, my friend, have got a red hot shot.”

Shark agreed with her fellow judges, saying Dylan was a “freaking superstar.”

“That was such a solid performance,” she said. “You’ve got everything, a kind heart, a great performer, you’ve got a look. I’m all in.”

Another highlight from day one of auditions included Brisbane teen Ripley Alexander, who sang a unique, acoustic rendition of ABBA’s Mamma Mia.

There was also plenty of confidence among auditionees, none more so than Arena McLellan, a 23-year-old from Western Sydney, who boasted in her introduction video she had accumulated 10 properties in the five years since leaving school.

Arena only got more assertive when she fronted the judges, declaring herself as “the only Arena”, to which Sandilands said, “Tina Arena might have a problem with that.”

After belting out an overpowering version of Holding Out For A Hero from the piano, Sandilands gave Arena a ‘yes’, while Shark and Hines both said ‘no’, agreeing she needed to work on “pulling back”.

What unfolded was a cringe-worthy back-and-forth between Arena and Hines, with the auditionee continuing to cut the music icon off mid-criticism.

“Whilst I understand your comments, do you think that would warrant me having to wait another year to change something I could work on [here]?” Arena said.

“Calm down, girlfriend,” Hines said in response. “Listen to what I’m saying. Loosen up.”

Ultimately, Sandilands pushed for Arena to go through, convincing Hines to give her another chance.

Australian Idol continues Tuesday night on Channel 7 at 7.30pm