Kyle Sandilands says one Australian Idol song choice is always ‘horrible’

A heads up to any future Australian Idol auditionees: There is one particular song choice you should definitely avoid.

Wednesday night’s episode of the Channel 7 talent show saw six people opt to sing Amy Winehouse’s Valerie – and only one of them managed to impress judges Kyle Sandilands, Marcia Hines and Amy Shark.

Sandilands was left miffed by the repeated song choice, adding that song selection was “the most important thing” for budding contestants to consider for a successful audition.

“When they come in and you get three, four, 50, 60 in a row all singing the same song, if they’re really good they’ll stand out, but instantly your eyes start rolling,” Sandilands said.

“You go, ‘Oh no, not an Amy Winehouse song again.’”

The episode then played a montage of several people belting out the classic Winehouse hit, with all of them falling flat.

Giving feedback to one of the Valerie singers, Sandilands didn’t mince his words.

“We have heard that 1000 times and every time it’s horrible,” the radio shock jock told a young woman.

There was one budding contestant who went through to the final round after opting to sing Valerie – 26-year-old Rohan from Sydney.

“You control, you engage, you’re looking at us,” Sandilands said to Rohan.

“We feel drawn into the performance. It’s probably the best Valerie we’ve seen.”

Ultimately, Rohan didn’t get a golden ticket during the final round, with contestants Drea, Jonathan, Saoirse and Jake all progressing through to the top 30 after Wednesday’s auditions.

Idol kicked off to promising ratings upon its return to TV Monday night, where it went up against Nine’s Married At First Sight and Ten’s Survivor.

The rebooted singing show pulled in a total TV audience of 787,000 viewers, beating Survivor, which had a total audience of 572,000.

MAFS reigned supreme, luring a staggering 1.252 million viewers for its premiere.

Australian Idol continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7