Macy Gray’s son accused of hitting singer as daughter gets restraining order

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Macy Gray’s daughter Aanisah Hinds filed for a restraining order against her brother, Tracy Melvin Hinds, after he allegedly threatened her and struck their famous mum.

“Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mum,” the 29-year-old claimed in the legal request filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday and obtained by Page Six.

“He followed her and harassed her as he always does when he drinks.”

Aanisah claimed in the court documents that her boyfriend, Cornel Pearson, tried to intervene during the dispute, but Tracy, 28, allegedly retaliated by hitting him.

“We waited for the cops to come while he continued to bang on the doors of our rooms looking for confrontation,” she further alleged.

Aanisah claimed her younger brother continued to “harass” his relatives and at one point “pushed” her.

The graphic designer alleged that once police arrived, she was advised to file a restraining order because there was no video of the incident.

The alleged fight in question took place on Saturday, per the court documents.

However, Aanisah reiterated in the filing that Tracy is abusive “every time he drinks, normally monthly.”

She also indicated that she is afraid of her brother, stating in a separate part of the documents that she does not want Tracy to be able to access her home since she is expecting her first child in September.

Gray’s reps declined Page Six’s request for comment.

Aanisah’s report has given some insight into how the I Try singer, 56, may feel about the ordeal, though, noting that her mum “wants him gone and will confirm.”

The Los Angeles Superior Court granted a temporary restraining order until the next court hearing, which is scheduled for February 27.

Gray, whose real name is Natalie McIntyre, shares Aanisah, Tracy and another daughter, Happy Hinds, 27, with her ex-husband, Tracy Hinds.

The former couple were only married for two years from 1996 to 1998.

In February 2022, Gray told People she was “shocked” to learn her kids were fans of her music.

“They are, and I didn’t even know it,” the Sweet Baby singer said. “One time we were in the car, and one of my songs came on, and my kids were in the back, and they just knew every word.”

This article originally appeared in Page Six and was reproduced with permission