MAFS 2024: Ben grilled over wild ‘OnlyFans’ claims from Bride’s family

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A groom on Married At First Sight Australia faced claims on the latest episode that he only agreed to take part so he could launch an OnlyFans page.

Ellie and Ben walked down the aisle on Thursday night’s episode, and at first everything seemed pretty hunky dory.

However, lurking among the wedding guests like a Disney villain was Ellie’s cousin, Jordan, seemingly using his crystal ball to decipher that Ben isn’t marrying the bride for all the right reasons.

Tensions first spilt over at the reception, when Ellie’s cousin asked Ben what his reasons for signing up to the experiment for were.

“Are you looking for a relationship? Like a good long-term relationship?” quizzed Jordan with all the subtly of a hand grenade.

As Ben paused, Ellie interjected: “He’s sussing you out and see if you’re here just to start an OnlyFans.”

With Ben failing to give a particularly convincing response, Jordan revealed in the confessionals that he intended to pull him aside and grill him later in the evening.

“I can always see the red flags in people. And I’m getting bad juju vibes,” said Jordan. “I just have it in my mind that Ben might be here for the wrong reasons.”

When the pair eventually sat down together one-on-one, Jordan got straight to the point, asking: “I have concerns that you might be here to promote your touring business, promote your podcast. And I just feel like hearing those sorts of things from you tonight. That’s potentially a possibility for you and not giving your all to this relationship.”

Seemingly allergic to giving a response without red flags, Ben said: “I can see it makes sense. Why you’d reach those conclusions. And if that does happen out of it. That’s one sort of silver lining.”

“OK,” replied a clearly annoyed Jordan. “So you’re saying you’re kind of here for this and that? Here for both reasons.”

“I love taking exciting adventures and risks, so I just did it with no intention,” responded Ben. “I would say why not? But it makes sense to me. I like doing exciting things.”

As the pair’s awkward conversation came to an end, Ben appeared entirely indifferent as to whether he’d persuaded his bride’s cousin that he was on the show for genuine reasons.

While Ben wandered off to flog his podcast to wedding guests, Jordan ran straight to Ellie to share the bad news.

“Ben tried to reassure me that he was here for love. I don’t believe him,” he said, later telling the confessionals: “I want the best for Ellie.”