MAFS 2024: Bride shocks co-stars with X-rated threat

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MAFS returned on Monday night with an action-packed premiere, and one soon-to-be-bride ended up capturing attention from her co-stars for all the wrong reasons.

Within minutes of appearing on-screen, Perth-based Lauren Dunn became one of the most outrageous brides to have starred on the hugely popular franchise.

Dunn, who previously dated Dockers AFL player Ryan Crowley for five years before breaking up shortly before filming for the new season began, left viewers stunned with her raunchy remarks and personality.

Despite not getting married during the premiere, Dunn made sure to get plenty of airtime during the hens night by being as outrageous as possible.

At the bar during the episode, Dunn decided to make an attempt to get to know the other ladies.

At one point she was seen asking the other brides what they were looking for in their soon-to-be perfect match when they walked down the aisle.

“Big heart,” sighed one of the girls, to which Dunn scoffed and retorted: “Big d**k!

As the outspoken bride adjusted her dress in a bid to stop her boob from slipping out, she casually warned the other women that a marriage certificate wouldn’t stop her from going after their man if she felt as though he was was a better match.

“Seriously, no one is safe,” she said when one of her co-stars warned her to not steal their man.

“I’ll f**k ya dad and ya brother. All ya friends. Ya boss, ya colleagues.”

Dunn’s co-stars shared their shock in the confessionals with one telling the camera: “Lauren. Holy s**t!” while another added: “She says anything and will probably do anything. Her groom better be ready for her.”

Viewers were immediately divided over her personality too, with one tweeting: “Can we vote Lauren off the tribe now? #MAFSAU #MAFS” and another agreeing, adding: “Lauren is the human embodiment of tacky!”

However, others felt like her approach was refreshing, with one tweeting: “Lauren is sassy and I am obsessed.”

AFL player Crowley, who was with the Dockers for ten years, split with Dunn in June of 2023. It didn’t take the bride long for her to get over their relationship, with filming of MAFS 2024 kicking off just a month later in July.

At the time, Dunn told PerthNow the relationship had “simply run its course”.