MAFS groom Jack Dunkley’s ex-girlfriend claims he dumped her to go on the show

For three months each year, Australian reality TV fans become briefly embroiled in the private lives of Married At First Sight contestants.

And just two episodes into the 2024 season, the off-screen drama is already kicking off.

Gold Coast groom Jack Dunkley, who was ‘married’ to bride Tori Adams on Tuesday night’s episode, has been accused of ditching his Brisbane-based girlfriend just weeks before he began filming in August last year.

According to comments on an Instagram post from gossip account The Wash, a woman named Courtney Jade claimed to be in a relationship with the personal trainer, revealing she “met all his family” and “he said he loves me” prior to him abruptly dumping her.

She also alleged he told her he was “moving to America for ‘work opportunities’”, when in actual fact, he was Sydney-bound to start shooting the Nine production.

“My mental health has suffered due to being completely blindsided and losing my best friend to a reality TV show,” Courtney wrote in the comment section of a post with paparazzi photos of Jack on his wedding day.

“Jack has never tried to break up with me and our relationship was becoming quite serious. “We spoke regularly about our future together and I don’t believe he is on the show for the right reasons at all.”

While it appeared there was an initial spark between Tori and Jack, the end of the episode signalled rough times ahead for the dominant pair.

On their honeymoon in Vanuatu, Tori tells producers there’s “definitely sexual energy” between them.

Cut to Jack’s confessional, where he claims, “There’s no sexual sparks flying for me at the moment,” he grunts to us. “I don’t think we’re … well, we’re not sexually connected at all. I’ve got a pretty high sex drive. I need to be invested in the girl. I need to be connected. If I’m not, I’d rather be by myself.”

It comes amid rumours Jack will emerge as this season’s “villain”.

Married At First Sight continues Wednesday on Channel 9 at 7.30pm