MAFS husband beds BFF while girlfriend watches

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A Married At First Sight husband reveals he got payback on his cheating ex-girlfriend by bedding her BFF while she watched and, honestly, it’s just nice to finally have a revenge tactic on this show that doesn’t involve scrubbing someone’s toothbrush in the toilet.

It’s not often that something upstages the annual Hot Or Not challenge. But tonight’s tit for tat does just that.

When the voiceover lady chimes in to tease “a Married At First Sight first”, she truly is not lying this time.

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The couples have all moved in to Trash Tower. Within hours, property prices in the suburb plummet. Neighbours lodge complaints to council. Then the SMH writes an op-ed about how the area is now even less cool than Balmain.

The experts decide to immediately light a fire by introducing “confession week”. It involves a series of tasks that are exclusively designed to disrupt and inflame the marriages by making the spouses say hurtful things to each other under the guise of “honesty”.

The first game involves writing a letter that reveals a deep, dark secret.

Jayden the kickboxer goes first. Apparently there’s something he’s dying to get off his chest. At first we think he’s going to reveal to his wife Eden that he has hair extensions. He doesn’t. But what follows is almost as startling.

He clears his throat and begins sounding out the words on the page. He says his ex-girlfriend cheated on him multiple times and, when she asked him to take her back, he told her he’d forgive her on one condition.

“I’m gonna sleep with her best friend while she watches,” he recalls the revenge.

“One of her friends agreed to do it. So after a little bit of chatting for a few days, it happened.”

Eden looks like she has just been KO’d.

She eventually catches her breath and digs a little deeper.

“Do you regret that though?” she asks.

She frames this as a question, but she really means it as a statement: “YOU REGRET THAT THOUGH”. She wants confirmation that it was just a split-second blip of nuttiness. Jayden does not tell her what she wants to hear.

“I don’t regret it,” he replies.

Eden doesn’t know what to do. She has just come to terms with the fact that she has to share her scrunchies with her husband. Now she might also have to share a BFF with him?

“The story was gross and I didn’t like it at all,” she confides in us. “He didn’t seem to regret it – that was the concerning part.”

She glances around the living room, avoiding eye contact with her husband.

“I wanna sit by myself” she tells him.

And with that, Jayden goes into the bathroom to apply a hair mask.

Suddenly, we hear a commotion down the hall. Another couple is moving into the building. Intruders already?

We duck our heads around the corner and see a PlayStation console being wheeled in with the luggage. It couldn’t be …

“Collins probably thinks I jetted home to Melbourne on the first flight but having spent some time alone and being able to sleep on it has really helped me to want to be here,” says the familiar, mousy voice of Natalie.

She exited the competition at last night’s dinner party because her husband Collins made it clear he wasn’t into her. But now – thanks to an iron-clad NDA – both have returned.

They look so thrilled to be trapped together inside their suite at Trash Tower!

Across the hall, sex beast Jack and his wife Tori are in the middle of a “confession week” task that involves scrolling through each other’s phones.

“Sweet Jesus …” Tori gasps. “Ugh!”

She drops the phone on the table and covers her eyes in disgust.

“This is gross!”

She has found a photo.

Oh god, we think. It’s a photo of him naked while engaging in some kind of Fifty Shades Of Grey cosplay!

“Is this you … proposing?” she asks.

… Huh?

“It’s unfortunate she came across a picture of me and my ex fiance while I was proposing,” Jack tells us.

Wait … Is this the girl he broke up with and lied to about moving overseas before coming on the show? Or a different girl?

“I want to be sick,” Tori says. “If I could rewind and stab myself in the eyeball with sharpened spoons, I would.”

Sharpened spoon? So … a knife?

We lose interest here and go across the hall to help the elderly couple install grip rails and non-slip rubber mats in the bathroom. But they’re distracted with the Hot Or Not challenge.

Grandpa Richard is already hard at work, ranking the girls who are young enough to be his granddaughters.

“She’s a pretty stunning young girl, that’s for sure,” he sputters while sticking the headshots on the wall. “I think she’s pretty hot. She’s got a pretty hot body.”

When it comes time to rank Nana Andrea, pop places her third. She almost falls off her Zimmer frame.

“She could’ve taken it the wrong way but she didn’t! In fact, she was quite flattered to be ranked third with some of the other girls!” he tells us.

Um, put on ya glasses and take a closer look at her face, pop. She’s on the verge of tears.

“It literally hurt a lot and I don’t know how to come back from that,” she whispers.

The theme of revenge runs through tonight’s episode. And when nan and pop go to bed at 5pm, Andrea can’t help but think of payback.

Maybe she’ll strangle him with the cord of his sleep apnoea machine.

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