MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace mocked over daily routine

British MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace has revealed his usual Saturday routine for a weekend newspaper column – and become a target of internet mockery in the process.

Wallace was the subject of UK newspaper The Telegraph’s regular ‘My Saturday’ column, which sees a different public figure each week describe their Saturday routine, from wake-up to bedtime.

Wallace’s efforts have circulated on social media after one user shared a photo of the column, describing it as “magnificently Partridgian” (a reference to Alan Partridge, comedian Steve Coogan’s hilariously inept TV presenter character) in a tweet that’s now been viewed almost six million times.

Wallace starts his day at 5am, reading a book in bed for an hour. From there, he heads to the gym half an hour before it even opens – “they let me in earlier,” he explains – to “walk on a treadmill, no sweating.” His health goal is a not-overly-taxing 50,000 steps per week, but the 59-year-old also boasts that he has “less than 18 percent body fat and a six-pack.”

Breakfast is a meaty fry-up at a nearby branch Harvester, a cheap-and-cheerful British restaurant chain, with his personal assistant Helen. They discuss his various work projects, including his health and wellbeing podcast. He says he’s “quite the expert” on the topic, “having been journalling, manifesting, goal-setting and reading self-help books for years.”

Then it’s home for lunch, which his wife Anna “will have ready on the table.”

And here’s where things really take a turn. After lunch, Wallace spends 90 minutes playing with his four-year-old son, who is non-verbal autistic.

A father of three, Wallace reveals that having a child with fourth wife Anna “wasn’t something I would’ve chosen at my age,” but he agreed as it was what Anna wanted.

However, he had two stipulations: “That we had help in the house (so her mum moved in), and that we had at least one week a year where we holidayed just the two of us.”

Having spent 90 minutes with his son, Wallace then retreats to his home office by himself for two hours to play a computer game called Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.

Then it’s dinner time, which Wallace reveals he cooks for the family “once a week.”

He hops into bed after dinner to watch a film on a laptop: “I’ve tried sitting on the sofa eating biscuits but I don’t find it fulfilling,” he says.

9pm and it’s time to sleep. Let’s hope he doesn’t check Twitter before he nods off:

And incredibly, among that Twitter pile-on, comes the news that this isn’t even the first time Wallace’s daily routine has raised eyebrows.

In a 2012 Daily Mail article, Wallace explained how he “runs his entire day” based off a to-do list that his then-wife of one year, Heidi, prepared for him each day.

“It starts off every morning with “yoghurt”, then “leg band” [he has a leg injury], then it’ll be “teeth”, then it’ll say “tablets” because I’ve got to take my cholesterol tablets and vitamin C, then “check BBC News”. Those are all the things I must do before I leave the flat,” he explained.

“Then it’ll say “Twitter” because I want to tweet twice a day, then it’ll say “H” for Heidi because of all the things I need to discuss with her.”
The couple divorced later that year.