Mosman Council parking: Driver calls out council after $300 fine

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A driver who got slapped with a $300 fine for parking near an arguably “confusing’’ street sign on New Year’s Eve has sparked a fierce debate online.

In a post shared in a community Facebook page, the driver explained he parked his car underneath a ‘clearway special event’ sign outside a cafe in Mosman, in Sydney’s Lower North Shore on Friday December 31.

“We received a fine for $302 for parking in a clearway outside Cafe Mosman on Military Road on New Year’s Eve at 1.49pm,” he wrote in the post.

“We have appealed the fine twice unsuccessfully despite the fact that many signs erected by Mosman Council on both sides of the road clearly indicate the clearway commenced at 6pm.”

The driver went on to question whether the fine was a “blatant attempt by the council to generate revenue?” and said he would take the matter to court if necessary.

He also shared photos of two nearby parking signs, including one which he claimed was positioned “directly above” his car.

One sign can be interpreted to indicate the special event clearway was in effect from 9am to 6pm on Dec 26 and from 6pm to 3am between Dec 31 and Jan 1, seemingly backing up the driver’s claim the clearway did not start until 6pm on New Year’s Eve.

However, the photo of another sign appears to indicate the clearway was in effect from 9am to 6pm on Dec 26 and seems to imply the same timings continued from Dec 31 to Jan 1, as well as onto 3am.

If accurate, the driver would have been in breach of the rules.

The post has sparked a debate online with some suggesting the signs were ‘confusing’ and appeared to indicate ‘different’ timings.

“After reading the sign about 15 times, this is what I think it is trying to say in a very confusing way: Special event clearway (running from) 9am to 6pm Dec 26 and then (from) 6pm 31 Dec to 3am Jan 1.

“Clear as mud. Good luck with your fight, I’d certainly be challenging this,” one person wrote.

“The two signs kind of appear to be different. (It) would make sense for if it to be a clearway from early NYE to late-ish NY day though,” another commented.

Others suggested the driver was in the wrong and breached the clearway rule by parking his car in the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.

“Looks to me it says special event no parking 9am-6pm 31 December to 1 January.”

“It was a special event clearly as per the sign 9am-6pm. So don’t waste other people’s time.”

“You’re in the wrong,” another claimed. “Pay the fine”. has contacted the driver and Mosman Council for comment.