Naked streaker flattened by spectator at Mackay T20 cricket game

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A local cricket game in Queensland has witnessed an all-time naked pitch invasion that ended in classic fashion with a brutal shoulder charge.

The incident occurred in the Mackay Cricket Association first grade T20 final between Walkerston and Pioneer Valley at Great Barrier Reef Arena on Friday.

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Walkerston claimed a 14-run win, but the man who stole the show was a rogue spectator who decided to go completely nude and sprint across the pitch.

The naked streaker managed to sprint across the pitch with his clothes tucked under his arm, evading security as he ran across the field before meeting his fateful end.

Watch the hilarious scenes in the video player above.

The Courier Mail reports as he left the field, he was shoulder charged by a six-foot-five red-headed Mackay man who had a cigarette in his mouth.

Completely flattened, security were able to restrain the intruder and he was allowed to put his clothes back on.

The man who shoulder charged the streaker, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Courier Mail: “I saw this bloke crossing the field, and I just thought he’s ruining a good night out at the local cricket.

“I just thought that I had to put a stop to it, because no one else would.

“I thought there would’ve been 15 blokes lining up to hit him.

“It seemed like he was a bit winded.”

But the chaos didn’t end there.

As the sole security guard in the vicinity called for back-up, the man made another dash for it and appeared to escape into the darkness and out of the clutches of security.

Walkerston player coach Luke Jackson quipped: “It’s not something you see everyday.”

Mackay Police told they weren’t aware of any charges or arrest being made over the incident.

The Mackay streaker goes into the annals of iconic Aussie pitch invasions.

The shoulder charge was reminiscent of the moment the late Andrew Symonds poleaxed a nude streaker during an ODI at the Gabba in 2008.

A woman apologised after jumping the fence at CBUS Super Stadium in 2022 during an NRL game between Parramatta Eels and the Gold Coast Titans. She was spectacularly tackled by a security guard before being escorted off the field.

And who could forget when Sam Kerr further endeared herself to fans, flattening a pitch invader with a shoulder bump during Chelsea’s Champions League clash against Juventus in 2021.

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