No7 Future Renew range, which sparked ‘stampede’ in UK, launches in Priceline, Australia

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A product that caused a “stampede” when it launched in the UK has just landed in Australia – so sharpen those elbows, as you’re going to want to be first in line for this.

British beauty brand, No7, has just released its “Future Renew” range on our shores following its hugely successful debut last year.

The brand, which is owned by Boots in the UK, has been available to purchase in 480 Priceline stores across the country since August 2021 – but its latest addition has caused ripples among the beauty industry after being described as a “world-first breakthrough in skincare research”.

Containing just three skincare products, the Future Renew Repair Serum, a Repair Eye Serum and a Repair Night Cream, you’d be forgiven for questioning the hype.

But the secret behind its popularity lies in the unique “super peptide” formulation which Dr Eleanor Bradley, a senior scientist for the brand, told’s The Beauty Diary was “proven” to combat multiple skin complaints.

“The Future Renew range has been tested on over 4200 people so far across 37 studies; and has been proven to repair multiple visible signs of skin damage,” she said.

“These include fine lines and wrinkles, firmness, uneven skin tone, texture and dullness.

“The hero ingredient found across all three products is our new peptide blend called Pepticology, which has been developed following 15 years of research into skin damage and repair with scientists at the University of Manchester in the UK.

“This world-first peptide blend works by supporting skin’s natural self-repair process and is exclusive to No7, so can’t be found in any other products on the market.”

For those who aren’t familiar with peptides, Dr Bradley said it is a “great ingredient” to add to a skincare regime.

“Not only do they provide skin benefits, but they are also very well tolerated,” she explained.

“Peptides are talked about for helping boost collagen in the skin, which is important for firmer feeling skin.

“However, some peptides can do so much more than this. Our peptide blend is designed to support the skin’s natural self-repair process and has been shown to boost not only collagen but also over 50 other essential skin proteins involved in skin repair when tested on skin cells, providing more holistic skin repair.”

While the three Future Renew products only hit Aussie shelves on February 8, British consumers have been raving about the range, with Dr Bradley explaining the brand “broke records to become No7’s fastest selling product” ever.

“One product from the Future Renew collection sold every two seconds on launch day and the range saw over 500,000 transactions in the first four weeks,” she revealed.

“The response from shoppers has been phenomenal and unlike anything we’ve seen before – we had queues outside so many stores during launch week and it’s been flying off the shelves.”

The most expensive of the three items is the Future Renew Serum, $47.59, which contains “the highest concentration of active ingredients (including peptides) in an optimised delivery system”, Dr Bradley said.

Meanwhile the eye serum, $31.49, has been designed “specifically for the thinner eye area”.

Dr Bradley added that the “lightweight but nourishing night cream”, also priced at $47.59, is “great for supporting overnight skin repair”.

‘The hype is real’

Social media users overseas have thrown their support behind the items, labelling the range “Botox in a bottle”. But is it as good as the Brits say?

I’ve been using all three products for just over a month now, and while it’s too early to give a definitive answer just yet as thorough testing takes longer – I can confirm I’ve been seriously impressed.

My favourite is the serum which I’ve found seriously hydrating and left my skin plump and bouncy. But the nightcream is really great too. I love that its light, non-greasy, and fragrance free (all three products are actually).

My least favourite is the eye serum. It’s not bad, in fact it’s great, but considering most of us are all broke at the moment thanks to rising inflation and costs – it’s the most obvious product to skip on.

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