Olecci Scam or Legit? | Olecci Reviews Jewelry Store

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Olecci is a beauty accessories store that deals mainly in jewelry, wristwatches, and other items, but there’ve been lots of rumors on the internet about the website, some people claim Olecci.com is a scam website and is not trusted to buy fashion items.

Olecci Scam review
Olecci Scam

In this article, I will be reviewing the site based on the information I have if Olecci is a scam or a legit place to shop.

Nevertheless people have been searching on the internet about the jewelry store, is it a scam or not?

What Olecci Jewelry Is All About

Olecci is a jewelry store that claims to sell necklaces, earrings, rings, wristwatches, and other fashion items at cheaper prices.

the site was registered since 2021 if am not mistaken, even though it has a good web structure and appearance.

What You Should Know About Olecci

We have found out that the site is not using a valid business address here by using a fake address. this is something you should consider when trying to purchase something from any online site.

you should also consider website age, appearance, customer feedback, discount rate, and more we are going to discuss here.

Olecci Reviews | Red Flags

Olecci redirects

the first red flag I found on this site was the redirection, from the time I was publishing this article.

If you type in Olecci on your browser it takes you to another destination entirely.

I tried this and it took me to suggestive.com which is a big red flag, they might have shut down or might be up to something.

Olecci Have No Contact Info

it might seem okay for a site not to provide or make their contact info anonymous but as a business and e-commerce site, is very important to let customers contact you

in this case, Olecci doesn’t have contact info, so customers can’t contact them, that is another red flag for me.

Fake Reviews

Olecci has tons of fake reviews, I don’t know how they did it but the reviews on their site are not genuine.

you might ask why and if is possible to buy fake reviews, but the answer is yes.

you can actually buy a fake review for any business, be it a jewelry store or any business.

the point of buying fake reviews is to attract customers, a site without reviews will have little or no sales.

so most sites buy fake reviews to boost up their site performance and sales but some sites use fake reviews to deceive their customers and scam them off their money.

Copied Content

Most of the content on the site is being generated from Google, this is a red flag in reviewing Olecci.

if you truly own a product why steal content from Google? why not advertise what you are selling. is clear that Olecci has no possible intention of selling other than stealing.

Final Thoughts

after a brief overview, we will conclude that the site Olecci.com is a scam and you should never indulge in any of their product or purchase anything from them.

if you truly value your money you should spend it wisely, do proper research before buying anything online. There are tons of sites out there that offer the same items which are legit so don’t fall for scam.