‘Please stop her’: Mum of three trolled over what she feeds her family

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A mum of three has revealed what she gives her kids for dinner – but trolls have been quick to comment on her cooking skills.

Alexandra Sabol regularly home cooks for her family of six, The Sun reports, which includes the kids, herself, her friend and her boyfriend.

And despite going through a lot of effort to cook the meals from scratch, Ms Sabol has found that she is being criticised.

Many people have something negative to say about her cooking style, and what she gives her kids to eat – as they think meals she cooks for them are “not healthy” enough.

Ms Sabol often shares her meal prep and grocery shops to her TikTok page, which has over 273,000 followers.

“I’m not a regular mum, I’m a cool mum,” she said in one clip.

Ms Sabol cooks a variety of meals and snacks for her kids, and one of them included a rotisserie chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and carrots “for the kiddos”.

In one video, in which Ms Sabol can be seen plating up the dinner, her child can be heard talking about the green beans, declaring: “I’ll try it, even though I don’t like them.”

She then can be seen opening a packet of Cheetos, and sprinkling them over the mashed potato – causing quite the reaction in her comments section.

“All good, but Cheetos on the mash?!” one person questioned.

Ms Sabol finished the meal off by adding apples to the side, and a glass of milk.

Talking highly of the dinner, she says: “It’s a win for all three kids tonight.”

The video has gone viral, with nearly one million views in under 24 hours and over a thousand comments.

Some questioned the amount of carbs she had given her children on one plate.

One wrote: “Potatoes and mac ‘n’ cheese?”

Others were proud of her, as they said it was “much better” and “healthier” than previous meals she had fed her kids.

In another video uploaded to her social media account, many were worried if she ever gave her kids “anything fresh” or asked if she gave them “any vegetables”.

Ms Sabol showed off her huge grocery shop, which mainly included ready-made items, as well as tinned foods and piles of instant mashed potatoes.

In another video, she shared what she gives her one-year-old to eat for lunch.

It consisted of chicken nuggets, as well as a fruit pouch and Cheetos on the side, while also having a Capri-Sun (juice) on the side.

Many were gobsmacked, writing: “OMG, I thought those were carrots. but Cheetos?!’’

Another added: “Someone please stop her! Why is she feeding her child this crap? She‘s making her sick!”

But Ms Sabol didn’t let the mum-shamers get to her, and hit back by saying it’s difficult to feed her daughter vegetables “as she does not eat them”.

She explained that her son, on the other hand, loved broccoli, and while “plating up vegetables” on camera may make the viewers happy, off-camera they won’t eat it.

“Because I’d rather my baby to eat than make y’all happy,” Ms Sabol said.

“I’m still gonna feed my kids how I want to.’’

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This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission