Qantas passenger complains about ‘inedible’ breakfast

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A couple of snaps of a passenger’s plane food has sparked a Qantas pile on.

A disgruntled customer took to a subreddit dedicated to the airline to complain about their recent flights between Sydney and Brisbane, and Darwin and Adelaide.

“All I can say with my recent experience is EW,” they captioned four photos.

The pictures showed what looked like napkins stuffed into a vent above them, a dirty window shade, and two meals.

One was a breakfast of eggs, sausage, tomato and a hash brown, and the other appeared to show a curry with potatoes.

“The breakfast was inedible and I’m not usually fussy with food,” they wrote, adding the potatoes were “OK”.

Qantas told because there were no flight details in the social media post they didn’t have specific information but assured “all of our aircraft are cleaned with a disinfectant between flights and at the end of the day and undergo deep cleaning on a regular basis”.

“The presentation of one of the meals is not what they normally look like but generally we’ve had great feedback on the new dishes and the larger portions we’ve recently introduced,” the spokeswoman said.

While some critics described the scene as “appalling” and “embarrassing”, others said the meal wasn’t all that bad.

“This is nightmare fuel! And you pay for it!” one critic wrote.

“I was served this breakfast recently and agree. Inedible and disgraceful,” claimed another.

“I’d eat the food,” another defended the meal.

“Doesn’t look fabulous but tastes all right. I don’t expect much from cattle class.”

“I find the food is often better than it looks,” another added.

“The experience of eating out of a box isn’t ideal but I assume it’s a lot easier, lighter to load and simpler to manage.”

Another flyer suggested airlines serving meals in boxes should perhaps consider fast food options on board instead.

“Why don’t they just do a deal with a major chain like Hungry Jack’s or Oporto,” they wrote. “No one even wants to eat much, just take a pretty pic for insta. They’re really shooting themselves in the foot.”

The national carrier has faced huge criticism in the last year amid a string of controversies, but has promised to repair its reputation.

New Qantas CEO Vanessa Hudson vowed to put customers first when she took over the top job in September after Alan Joyce stepped down two months early.

In a second video message that month she apologised for letting customers down.

“I know that we have let you down in many ways and for that, I am sorry,” Ms Hudson said.

“We haven’t delivered the way we should have. And we’ve often been hard to deal with.”

She said the airline would earn back Australians trust with its actions.

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