Response to MAFS star’s undies snap exposes reality for women

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A former MAFS contestant has called out the “shocking” comments made about her body after sharing an image of herself in her underwear on social media – pointing out it highlights a grim reality for women.

Domenica Calarco’s photo, which showed her holding a laser hair device while wearing a white crop top and a pair of black undies, went viral for “all the wrong reasons” after the snap was flooded with “gross” remarks about her weight.

The reality TV alumna however has decided to address those who left “crazy” comments about her size, telling the response was “insane” and incredibly damaging.

“It’s really saddening to have strangers make awful comments about my body, I can’t tell you how much it hurt,” the 30-year-old shared.

“I don’t understand the constant opinions on women’s bodies.

“It’s sickening.”

Calarco said she felt the need to “address the issue” in a video shared on her social media accounts as it is the “only way to stop people getting away with it”.

“Having the platform that I do, I owe it to the women who feel like they don’t have a voice on these issues,” the ‘Sit With Us’ podcast host added.

In a post Calarco shared on TikTok she went into further detail on the situation, labelling the comments “insane” and “crazy”.

“I posted this photo and a few others, but then a couple of hours later, I come back and it seems to have gone viral but for a very wrong reason,” she explained.

“One person said something about I ‘need to eat something’, telling me to ‘go and eat, you look sick’.

“Now that comment in particular triggered me because eating and weight issues – all of that – psychologically has been something I’ve struggled with over my life, being a dancer and then being on TV, just being a woman in today’s society is really hard.”

The popular influencer went on to explain the stranger’s comments were “really full on”, adding that while people came to her defence, there were others who piled on.

“People ganged up on me, said I looked ‘gaunt’ and claimed they ‘didn’t recognise’ me,” Calarco said in the candid clip.

“I don’t think people understand how all of these weird comments can affect someone.”

She went on to share a screenshot of the offending remarks, pointing out she has had a “huge lifestyle overhaul” in the past few months.

“I’ve started giving a sh*t about moving my body, I’ve started going to the gym, I’ve quit vaping,” the former TV star said.

“Not only is it great for my health, but it’s great for my mind.”

Thankfully, there were many who supported the Australian star in her paid collaboration with Braun to promote the new Silk-expert Pro IPL 5 laser hair removal device.

“It is 2024 and commenting on anyone’s body (male or female) is not okay. It can be incredibly dangerous… Let’s normalise bodies of all types,” one wrote.

“I am confused why everyone feels like they need to comment on body weight?!?!? WTF,” another agreed.

Many others praised the snap, describing Calarco as “gorgeous” and “incredible”.

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