‘Run for cover!’: MAFS wedding stopped for first time in show’s history

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A MAFS Australia wedding was forced to stop midway through for the first time in the show’s tumultuous history on Tuesday night.

Lucinda and Tim walked down the aisle during the second episode of the beloved Channel 9 series.

A lover of light and love, spiritual Lucinda found herself matched with Tim, who could think of nothing worse than being matched with a wife who meditates.

As the wedding began, Tim quickly realised his new bride was the type to hug trees, and he began to spiral, desperately trying to keep his thoughts to himself.

“She’s a great looking girl. She had a great smile. I loved her dress. But I’m getting the sense she’s a spiritual type of person, which is very, you know, different.”

Clearly mother nature felt the tension, as just before the vows were due to begin, the Melbourne heavens opened and began throttling the outdoor wedding with wind and rain.

The downpours became so intense that the wedding party were forced to make a run for the nearest shelter and the wedding was put on hold for the first time in MAFS history.

“Is there a wet weather plan?” questioned Lucinda as she felt the first drop of rain, which quickly became torrential.

“Everybody run for cover!” yelled one wedding guest as the rest of the wedding party fled the storm.

One man who was pleased by the interference was Tim, who needed a moment to collect this thoughts.

“Now Now s**t gets real! Maybe it was the big fella up there saying, ‘Hey, take five.’ Which I appreciated,” he told the camera.

Upbeat and positive Lucinda took the unexpected pause on the chin, gushing: “All the elements came out, of elemental energy. It’s rugged, it’s raw, it’s real. Apparently, it’s good luck. and I’m rolling with that omen!”

Meanwhile, Nine’s season debut of Married At First Sight dominated in the ratings war between Seven’s Australian Idol and Ten’s Survivor on Monday, pulling a staggering 1.252 million viewers across ‘Total TV National Audience’ rankings, which is measured by the amount of individuals watching divided by the duration of the program.

While Idol came second to MAFS, it was still an impressive premiere for a show that struggled in ratings last year – pulling in a total TV audience of 787,000. Survivor trailed behind its competitors, with a total audience of 572,000.