Selena Gomez has posted a photo of her boyfriend groping her breast

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Selena Gomez has posted a photo of her boyfriend Benny Blanco groping her breast, and this can’t be what romance looks like in 2024.

Gomez, 31, has recently gone public with her producer boyfriend and the pair have been spotted on social media and at Hollywood events.

The two seem like a nice enough pair; she’s defended him to online trolls and has described him as “better than anyone I’ve been with” and the “best thing” that has ever happened to her.

The pop singer posted a series of snaps on Instagram, calling him her best friend and posting one image where he is groping her.

The image sails right past being considered cute, straight into gross territory.

The photo is not that scandalous; it’s 2024. We all see more salacious photos on billboards on our way to work and even post them ourselves.

The problem with this photo is not that it’s too revealing or sexy, it’s that it reeks of an outdated possessiveness.

The fact that Selena posted the photo shows that she’s fine with it, and perhaps it means she’s even proud of it.

She might even think it showcases how hot and sexy her new relationship is, but it also highlights how women are treated like possessions.

Celebrities habitually curate and carry the culture, and their relationships, by default, become inspirational.

The fanfare around Taylor Swift’s romance with NFL player Travis Kelce has certainly proven that fact.

So if Selena’s posting a photo of her boyfriend groping her, well, that is suddenly in fashion. It’s considered cool, chic and sexy.

Is it, though?

I don’t think posting a photo of your boyfriend groping you is sweet, sexy or hot. I think it shows how women are constantly sexualised and men aren’t.

Weirdly, this has become a celebrity trend in 2024, and I guess we haven’t come that far.

We see it in subtle ways, like a playful breast grope on Instagram, and we see it in confronting ways, like Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori being almost naked while West prances around fully clothed.

Sure, people can do whatever they want in their consenting relationships, but why is the woman’s body the one that is always flaunted?

What message does this send to young women?

Is it that one day, you’ll grow up and fall in love, and your boyfriend will paw at you, and you’ll proudly blast it on social media to let everyone know how chosen you are?

That an image of a man claiming your body in a physical way is the epitome of relationship goals?

I find the image disrespectful because it feels so unbalanced; sure if they were both groping each other. It’d be fair right?

But there seems to be a habit of men sexualising their girlfriend’s bodies and it isn’t happening in return.

I realise the girlfriends don’t appear to mind; in fact, they even broadcast it and pass it off as just another version of a cute PDA.

But it’s just a new and popular way of men claiming ownership of women’s bodies, and yes, it’s trendy at the moment and even celebrated, but does that make it right?

No, and it certainly isn’t romance.