Supergirl star Melissa Benoist transforms for new drama series The Girl On The Bus

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It’s an election year in the US, so the new drama The Girl On The Bus couldn’t come at a better time.

The Max series sees Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist take on the lead role as journalist Sadie McCarthy. Fan-favourite Benoist played a reporter on Supergirl as well, but this time around she’s a political journalist.

A strong advocate for traditional campaign reporting, Sadie hits pause on her personal life to join the presidential campaign trail on board a bus.

She finds herself travelling alongside three other female journalists, Grace (played by Carla Gugino), Lola (Natasha Behnam), and Kimberlyn (Christina Elmore), each with different outlooks, reporting styles and personalities.

They start off as each other’s competitors, but soon they find common ground and develop a bond as they report on the race for the White House.

The series premieres locally on BINGE on March 14, and today the streaming giant released first-look images of the cast, which also stars Brandon Scott, Griffin Dunne, Mark Consuelos and Scott Foley.

The series is based on a chapter in the 2018 book Chasing Hillary – a memoir by real-life journalist Amy Chozick, who chronicled her eight years spent covering the campaign of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The chapter was titled – you guessed it – The Girl On The Bus, which Max producers thought was gold and therefore based the series on it.

The plot may read like a political drama, but it’s a strong story about female friendships, romance and intrigue.

“Women had sort of taken over the boys on the bus, and we became this found family,” Chozick told Entertainment Weekly about her time on the trail.

“You become friends with people you never would normally because you’re thrust together. It’s almost like a band on the road.”

The Girl On The Bus premieres Thursday, March 14 on BINGE and on Sunday, March 17 on Showcase at 8.30pm and available On Demand

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