Survivor 2024: This is where you’ve seen Viola before

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Survivor Australia 2024 kicked off on Monday, and contestant Viola Jokudu instantly became a hit with viewers.

Fans quickly warmed to Viola’s loveable charm, and it turns out it’s not the first time the reality star has been on television.

Viola, 22, is a powerlifting, strength and conditioning coach who can bench 95kg and has broken five national records.

However, she’s also a budding receptionist in her spare time.

Eagle-eyed television viewers might recognise the Survivor star as the beloved receptionist from Channel 10’s The Dog House Australia.

She proved a huge hit with viewers of the Channel 10 show, with the broadcaster posting a highlights clip featuring her best moments while season two aired in 2022.

Viola’s had a tough star in love, having to grow up quicker than most. She moved from South Sudan when she was only two after her mother passed away.

“We moved to Australia and we are a happy family, minus one and that changed my entire life. I had to learn to be an adult before I was ready to be one,” said the Titan.

Growing up in a family of 13, ahead of her time in Survivor Australia she shared her plans to use her experience with big groups to her advantage.

“The thing with a big family is there are always sides,” said the reality star. “Everyone’s going to fight over food, over the TV, so you have to be strategic and I can deal with different personalities.”

Meanwhile, it was a huge night for Aussie TV on Monday.

Nine’s season debut of Married At First Sight dominated in the ratings war between Seven’s Australian Idol and Ten’s Survivor on Monday, pulling a staggering 1.252 million viewers across ‘Total TV National Audience’ rankings, which is measured by the amount of individuals watching divided by the duration of the program.

While Idol came second to MAFS, it was still an impressive premiere for a show that struggled in ratings last year – pulling in a total TV audience of 787,000. Survivor trailed behind its competitors, with a total audience of 572,000.

In the new ratings report, there’s also the option to determine ‘Total TV National Reach’, which shows data from viewers who watched at least one minute of a program, or 15 seconds online.

In this ranking, MAFS had a 2.451 million total reach, while Idol had 1.784 million and Survivor 1.126 million.