Taylor Swift concert: woman’s ticket ‘stolen’ from account

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A Taylor Swift fan has been left “heartbroken” after a devastating Ticketek “glitch” where her VIP ticket was relisted and resold without her knowledge.

Rebecca Smedley had been “trying since day one” to snag a coveted ticket to Swift’s Eras Tour, spending every day for a fortnight trawling the internet.

After finally striking gold and getting her hands on a VIP package on December 3 – at the eye-watering cost of $659 – the 21-year-old received emails from Ticketek confirming the ticket was in her account.

“This was after many breakdowns of trying to get tickets, as I’m sure anyone who has tried to use Ticketek to get Eras tickets knows – the site is absolutely useless,” she said.

“When everyone started receiving their VIP packages and I hadn’t, I was starting to get a little bit worried.

“So, I checked my Ticketek account and the ticket was gone.”

In the video, Ms Smedley shared screenshots of the emails she had received from Ticketek as well as the proof of purchase in her account.

She wrestled with the company’s helpline for hours, not having any luck from the automated voice on the other end – and was ultimately promised a response within 48 hours that did not arrive.

Giving up on phone calls, Ms Smedley’s mother went into the city Ticketek office on her daughter’s behalf to get some answers.

“No ticket was showing up anywhere for me, it wasn’t coming back,” Ms Smedley said.

“They said: ‘Sorry, this ticket glitched out of your account, it was relisted for sale out of your account and someone else has it, we don’t know who, we can’t check, we can’t track who has your ticket’.

“All they could do was issue me a refund, I essentially had my ticket stolen from me.

“It’s scary to know our accounts aren’t secure enough to hold our tickets once they’ve been purchased.”

Unsatisfied with the response from Ticketek, Ms Smedley took to social media to get help and answers, as well as see if anybody else had experienced such heartbreak.

Once the topic gained traction online, a Ticketek spokesman jumped in and apologised “for any confusion”.

“We can assure Rebecca that she now has tickets in her account,” they said.

Ms Smedley said the company had not only replaced the ticket in her account, but actually upgraded it by way of apology.

“With the tour fast approaching, I was making my outfit,” she told the Today Show.

“I was making friendship bracelets, so to have the ticket back in my account and not only my original ticket, but Ticketek has actually upgraded my ticket, so that’s so special.”

Similar stories were shared in the comment section of the TikTok video, which gained more than 250,000 views.

“Exact same thing happened to me, took days to get in contact and be issued a refund, which all up I received no apology. Will never use Ticketek again,” one person wrote.

“I had three tickets scammed from my account for Dom Dolla in Melbourne in December and re-sold off Ticketek Marketplace. Didn’t know until we tried to get into the venue on the night and our tickets were cancelled,” another wrote.

Swift’s Eras Tour will take Melbourne by storm between February 16-18 and then hit Sydney from February 23-26

Her concerts and presence are anticipated to pump more than $1.2bn into Victoria’s economy, with crowds predicted to reach 260,000 over her three performance nights.

After teasing fans for the past few months about the release of her album Reputation (Taylor’s Version), the mastermind artist instead announced a brand new album at the Grammy Awards entitled The Tortured Poets Department.

It will be released on April 19.

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