Taylor Swift labelled ‘classless’ over Celine Dion ‘snub’ at the Grammys

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Taylor Swift is facing a wave of angry backlash on social media after she appeared to ignore Celine Dion at the Grammys.

Dion made a surprise appearance on stage on Monday to present the Album of the Year award after stepping out of the limelight to battle a cruel neurological disease.

Swift broke Grammy records by winning the honour, and while onstage hugged many of those around her before walking over to Dion and taking her award out of the superstar’s hands.

Despite being caught on camera singing along to Dion’s music just minutes before, many viewers have claimed that Swift appeared to “snub” the Canadian singer, and seemingly failing to acknowledge her in the process.

“As someone who has defended Taylor, I can’t defend this. No acknowledgment of Celine whatsoever,” ranted one viewer.

A second fan tweeted: “The legendary CELINE DION making her first appearance in years amid her health battle just to be paid dust by Taylor Swift”.

Dion, who has been forced to cancel touring commitments in recent years as she struggles with a diagnosis of the rare neurological disease stiff-person syndrome, earned a standing ovation as she made a rare public appearance.

“Taylor Swift ignoring very sick legend Celine Dion during the Grammys while accepting Album of the Year. Wow. Classless personified,” moaned a third viewer.

Another fan added: “Taylor Swift completely ignoring CELINE DION as she accepted her Grammy for Album of the Year. That was outrageous.”

Despite the snub accusations, Swift was later seen smiling and hugging Dion in a picture taken backstage after she received her award. Even then, some fans claim the star was in “damage control”.

Others defended Swift, posting videos of the star applauding Dion before her win was announced.

Meanwhile, Swift dropped a bombshell as she took the stage to accept her first award of the night, for Best Pop Vocal Album.

“I want to say thank you to the fans by telling you a secret that I have been keeping from you for the last two years … Which is that my brand-new album comes out April 19th. It is called The Tortured Poet’s Department,” Swift revealed.

She finished her speech by saying she’d head backstage and immediately post more details of the album release – and sure enough, seconds after she left the stage, the album cover and pre-order link appeared on all her social media accounts