Tencent Games is reportedly working on the mobile version of the acclaimed RPG Elden Ring

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PC and Console games coming to mobile have slowly started to be the norm and while these are good signs, more positive news is rolling out. According to the latest developments, the critically acclaimed action RPG Elden Ring might be heading towards a mobile version, with Tencent Games at the helm.

Tencent acquired the licensing rights for Elden Ring in the year of its release

Elden Ring is a critically acclaimed action role-playing game by Japanese developer FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki with worldbuilding by George Martin, it was released in February 2022 for various platforms. Praised for its open world, gameplay systems, and setting, the game went on to become one of the most-awarded games in history and sold over 20 million copies within a year.

Elden Ring Gameplay
Image via FromSoftware Inc

If I were to explain the gameplay, Elden Ring is somewhat close to the Elder Scrolls series while Genshin Impact might be a good fit to fill in. Overall, Elden Ring offers a third-person perspective, where you can explore the expansive Lands Between, utilizing their steed, Torrent, for traversal. Players encounter various NPCs, enemies, and demigods ruling each main area, serving as main bosses.

As reported by Reuters, Tencent acquired the licensing rights for Elden Ring back in 2022 when it was launched and assembled a team to create a mobile prototype. The company aims to make the mobile version free-to-play with in-app purchases, but this conflicts with the original game’s one-time purchase model. However, it looks like the progress has been slow, and nothing official has come out.

Tencent 7 games event, Tencent lawsuit AidaiTencent 7 games event, Tencent lawsuit Aidai
Image via Tencent

If you were to ask me, nothing’s concrete, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say Tencent can easily carry the weight of such a big IP on mobile. Hopefully, we don’t get to see some more funny Elden Ring clones popping up after this news to take advantage of the hype. I believe more developments are to follow, and an official announcement might ease things off.

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