‘Thank God’: Cringe moment MAFS best man is mistaken for groom

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The MAFS premiere was full of surprises on Monday night, but one “totally awkward” moment left viewers cringing so hard they were hiding behind their hands.

The first couple to walk down the aisle this year were Sarah and Tim, who were both nervous about starting their journey together.

Before the ceremony took place, Sara’s friends shared that the beautiful bride has “very high standards” and that they were nervous for who was going to walk down the aisle.

“Sara is one of my closest friends and (has) a lot of boxes to tick,” said her pal.

“So, hopefully, all of those are ticked for her. Sara loves the finer things in life and she has, I guess, a certain level of standards in a partner, so, she won’t accept just anyone.”

As they sat nervously at the venue eagerly awaiting the groom’s entrance, Tim’s best man appeared and headed to his seat.

However, the entire of Sara’s side of the wedding appeared to confuse Ben with the groom, and after a few audible gasps they weren’t able to hide the shock and disappointment spread across their faces for the best man to see.

“Stop it …” said one shocked wedding guest.

Noticing the shock on everyone’s faces over his appearance, Ben quickly sparked a wave of relief among Sara’s best friends when he remarked: “It’s not me, don’t worry”.

“Oh, my God! I was gonna say,” exclaimed the friend, who later said in her confessional: “First of all, I thought that was him walking down the aisle. Very glad that it wasn’t. Um, but, yeah, usually a guy with a mullet is a bit of a f**k boy.”

To make matters more awkward for Ben, when Tim walked down the aisle he received a much warmer welcome, with some of Sara’s friends immediately gushing over him.

“Oh, my God. Hello,” said one under their breath.

Taking the insult on the chin, Ben laughed, and shouted: “That was a better reaction than I got,” sparking a chorus of laughter from both sides of the aisle.

Viewers rushed to social media to share their shock over the moment, with some labelling Sara’s friends “red flags”.

“Imagine everyone in the group GASPED when you walked in, and you had to tell them you aren’t the husband, how awkward! #MAFS #MAFSAU,” laughed one fan.

A second tweeted: “Ouch, you girls could’ve hidden your relief over Mullet Man not being the groom a little better,” while a third added sarcastically: “It’s so nice that Sara’s friends aren’t superficial.#MAFS #MAFSAU”.