‘That’s somebody’s wife!’: Alicia Keys’ husband reacts to Usher’s ‘aggressive’ act

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If you’re going to let your wife near Usher while he’s performing, expect things to get heated.

The Super Bowl halftime performer has made a career out of making hearts race, and got the whole world hot and bothered when he stripped down at the NFL’s big game in Vegas on Monday.

But it was a moment while he was still fully clothed that drew the biggest reaction online – his sensual interaction with Alicia Keys while singing their tune “My Boo”.

Usher danced behind Keys before placing his left hand on her hip, and then wrapping both arms around her and pressing his body against her from behind.

It led many viewers to tweet “this is somebody’s wife” and label Usher’s move “freaky”.

“Usher needs to be stopped,” added another.

It also had rap artists Mase and Cam’ron wondering how Keys’ husband, record producer Swizz Beatz, would have been feeling as he watched the performance from the stands with their children.

“He’s aggressive with people’s females, man,” Cam’ron said on their YouTube show “It Is What It Is”.

“Usher need prayer, for real,” Mase added. “Usher’s just gone behind that man’s wife. That’s his wife.”

“And he got a look on his face of deviousness,” Cam’ron replied. “But she got a face like ‘calm down a little bit’ too.”

There was so much reaction Keys’ husband, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, had to respond.

“Y’all talking about the wrong damn thing,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Tonight’s performance was nothing but amazing with two amazing giants! Congrats @usher and my love @aliciakeys that song is a classic. We don’t do negative vibes on this side we make history.”

Usher was dragged into a domestic situation last year when actress Keke Palmer was called out by her boyfriend for wearing a sheer outfit to his Las Vegas residency show.

Darius Jackson, who shares a son with Palmer, tweeted: “It’s the outfit tho. You a Mom.”

True to form, Usher then had Palmer star in a music video for his song “Boyfriend”.

“Somebody said that your boyfriend’s looking for me, oh that’s cool, that’s cool,” Usher sings in the chorus. “Well he should know I’m pretty easy to find, just look for me wherever he sees you.”

But despite his playfulness, Usher appears to be off the market.

The singer reportedly obtained a marriage license with his longtime love, Jessica Goicoechea, just two days before the NFL’s big night.

Although a marriage certificate hasn’t been filed as of yet, Page Six exclusively reported that the couple were introduced as “newlyweds” at his afterparty where the pair twinned in all-white ensembles.

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