Woman’s notes before Kurtley Beale sex assault accusation

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An alleged rape victim wrote a five page handwritten note before calling Wallabies star Kurtley Beale to convince him he was guilty, a court heard.

Mr Beale, 35, is facing a jury trial at Sydney’s Downing Centre Court after pleading not guilty to sexual intercourse without consent and two counts of sexual touching.

Police allege Mr Beale groped a woman’s bottom at the Beach Road bar in Bondi on December 17, 2022, before forcing her into oral sex in the stall of the men’s bathroom.

The woman put the allegations to Mr Beale in a phone call secretly recorded by police about a month later in which Mr Beale admitted he “f**king misjudged” the situation.

Five pages of handwritten notes made by the woman before the call were at the centre of cross-examination by Mr Beale’s barrister, Margaret Cunneen SC, on Thursday.

Ms Cunneen told the jury the 29-year-old woman had written on the fourth page of her notes that the purpose of the call was to “convince him he is guilty and not innocent”.

The woman admitted to making the notes, including further stated purposes for the call that included that “he (Mr Beale) would be better off if confesses”.

Ms Cunneen told the woman: “Your purpose, I suggest, was to talk him into thinking he had done something wrong, something criminal.”

Later, Ms Cunneen added: “You thought it would have been better if he had pleaded guilty and had not had your allegations (of sexual assault) tested in a court.”

The woman denied the suggestions, stating: “I knew either way it would have been difficult, (but) it would have saved a lot of heartache, money and time.”

The jury were further told the woman, who cannot not be named, had written in the notes to “act friendly, normal” and that she would likely see Mr Beale again.

Under earlier cross-examination, the woman denied contradictions between her evidence in court on Monday and in statements to police early last year.

The woman told police that she had used the men’s toilets because the line was too long for the women’s, and Mr Beale had followed her into the cubicle immediately after.

Ms Cunneen instead suggested that in her evidence on Monday, the woman had told the jury Mr Beale had pushed his way in and had locked the door while she was on the toilet.

“The reason you have changed it, I put to you, is to make it seem worse for Mr Beale that he would barge in on you in the process of going to the toilet,” she said.

The jury earlier heard accusations from Ms Cunneen that the woman had used the allegations to “turn the tables” in her own relationship and get sympathy.

The woman vehemently denied the claim, as well as further suggestions from Mr Beale’s lawyer that she had consented to, and been “in control” of, the alleged act.

Earlier in the week, the jury was told of the woman’s version of events and a call to the rugby star in which she first made the accusation of sexual assault.

During the call, Mr Beale admitted the pair had “hooked up” before later stating that the accused acts were “not on”. The jury was also shown CCTV footage.